Ship Your Golf Clubs Rather Than Fly With Them

10 Reasons To Ship Your Golf Clubs Rather Than Fly With Them

Many golfers want to take their clubs with them wherever they go on vacation. This is because many things become easy with their own clubs.

We have experience in shipping the clubs through the different airlines. However, still, it is a very hectic task as you need to roll the bag from the economy parking lot, pushing bags on elevator, unloading, and loading on shuttles, etc.

Moreover, some airlines demand you to pick and drop the bags from a specific location. These locations are different from the other regular baggage.

Ship Your Golf Clubs Rather Than Fly With Them

We must tell you, checking a golf bag is easy and cheap as compared to shipping them. At the ship sticks, you will get the rate of $39 for the bag that is 42 pounds. Some airlines demand $20-$100 on check bags.

However, there is a huge difference between ship sticks $39 and airlines $0-$100. So, we think now you must have a reason why you should choose the ship sticks for shipping your luggage. PGA pros usually make use of this service. Given below are 10 reasons why you should use the ship sticks for shipping your sticks to your gold vacation location.

1. Your Itinerary Includes Flying In Small, Regional Aircraft

When you ship your clubs through the airlines, they usually don’t reach the destination location. When the plane become overweight, the first thing that they consider pulling out is the club sticks and put them on the next flight. Well, this next flight might be the next day.

What next?? Many of us ask for compensation to the airlines but do not get any proper answer. The thing is you will not get compensated by the airlines for the balls, shoes and rental clubs before the 24 hours since you landed.

2. You Want To Avoid The Hassle And Uncertainty Of Luggage Check-in

If your golf club bag is the only bag that you need to ship, then it is going to save you from a lot of hassle. For instance, I have a personal experience of the Las Vegas golf trip, when I need to ship my clubs at home on Friday after the final round of the TPC Las Vega. TPC has a partnership with the ship sticks that pack the clubs for you.

When I reached at the McCarran Airport to take my flight on Sunday evening, Southwest’s computers were completely down. Passengers were lined up to check the bags and it took hours.

If I had my club bag with me then I might have missed my flight. Fortunately, I carry on and went through security within 20 minutes.

3. You Want Your Clubs Properly Insured

Airlines don’t take the responsibility if your clubs get damage in the soft-shell golf travel bags. Ship sticks base insurance costs $1000 and applied to all shipments. However, you can update your insurance up to $3500.

4. Flying International

If we talk about the international connections, then claiming the bags at the custom, re-checking bag will make you mad. International hubs like Miami international airport and JFK in New York fall in this category when where passengers are line up to the ridiculous lengths.

However, ship sticks send the clubs to the destination golf points like Ireland, Scotland and everywhere. You can check the ship stick FAQ to get more detailed information about international shipping.

5. You Don’t Trust The Other Knuckleheads At The Baggage Claim

If we talk about the lost or delayed bags, then our friend Jason Scott has a very bad experience at the baggage claim in Scotland. When he arrived, he went through the carousel, custom and another person come off with his clubs.

Fortunately, he managed to get his bag back. However, still, there is a risk of shipping precious items with it.

6. You Don’t Have A Proper Golf Travel Bag

Some people don’t own a golf travel bag that is needed to ship the golf clubs. Don’t worry you can buy a gold supporting box from the shipping store that costs almost $10-20 and the good thing is it is reusable.

7. From The Golf Club Bag Room To The Resort

If you used to keep your golf bag at the golf bag room, then you can have a pro shop print for the ship sticks that will pack the club sticks for you. It will decrease the hassle of going to the point by yourself.

They will simply pick the clubs and ship them at your destination, course or any hotel. Currently, the ship stick is serving with almost 2,800 U.S golf facilities.

8. Golf Is A Last-minute Addition To The Trip

Are you on a work trip with no gulf round planned?? Someone invited you for a round or two and you were already there. You don’t have your clubs and you will either have to opt for the rental or use the old clubs of your friend.

Do you really want to do that?? Well, we know that no one wants it. Someone at your home can pack your clubs for you and drop them at the front of the porch so that the driver can pick them and deliver them to you.

9. Your Destination Is Outside The Airlines’ Delivery Radius From Your Arrival Airport

Airlines provide good services for delivering the luggage to the destination point if the location is near to the airport. Bags will be delivered through courier depends on the airport and airline.

If your location is longer than an hour or more then there are very fewer chances that your bag will be delivered to you. Moreover, some late bags never get delivered to the customer.

10. You’re Traveling Deep

If your family is in tow, then you will have to pay a bag fee as well as you might be run out of the room in the rental car.

The thing is when you use a service for once to ship your clubs, and everything goes well then you sort of becoming addicted to it.

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