cost to ship golf clubs

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Golf Clubs?

Most of the time when you are checking your bag for the flight, they notice that your bag weight is high then given limit and you will have to pay for it.

In this situation, you may need to wear one T-shirt instead of three or you have changed your lightweight sneakers with heavy shoes. Well, what about when it comes to shipping golf clubs. Shipping stick means you want to make your travel uncomplicated. The thing is how much it cost you??

cost to ship golf clubs

This thing relays on different factors. Fortunately, the ship sticks have a rate of $39.99 for some specific ground shipments. However, you must know that you will have to pay a huge amount of money if you are thinking to carry your golf bags through an airline instead. Let’s have a look at these things in detail.

4 Factors That Contribute To Golf Club Travel Costs

Bag Size

A golf bag that contains the ball, club, accessories that weighs almost 20 lbs. however, if you are using the cart bag instead of the carry bag then you must know it uplift the weight and it is almost 35 lbs.

Your bag weight may be within the 50 lb. Every airline has a weight limit and they may consider it as a checked bag. So, it means you still have to pay the extra fee.

With ship sticks, different options of size are available. We always suggest our users choose the bag size according to the weight of the bag.

Hidden Airline Fees

While the charges are the same for checked bags for most of the airlines so you may not face any issue here. However, you will find yourself in difficulty.

For instance, if we talk about American Airlines then they treat the golf bag just like any other checked bag when flying to most of the places. However, the case is not the same for Brazil.

You will have to pay $42.50 when you are traveling to or from Brazil. Some airlines have these restrictions in the baggage guidelines. With ship sticks, we are not taking any hidden charges. You will get $1,000 complimentary and enable you to purchase almost $3500.

Switching Airlines

Airlines such as JetBlue demonstrates that you will have to pay some extra charges if you travel through switch airline to reach your final destination.

We know that they provide some very attractive baggage options however, they are not able to fulfill that because of the Department of Transportation (DOT) rules.

Well, there is no switching of airlines with ship sticks. We provide complete tracking from the pick-up point to delivery so that the user can keep eye on clubs. With ship sticks, you don’t have to worry as your clubs are in safe hands throughout the shipment process.

Hard-sided Traveling Case

Airlines demands that your golf bag needs to have a traveling case. However, they don’t care whether your bag container is soft or hard. They clearly state that they will not be responsible if any damage happens to your bag.

It means you will have to pay for $100 for the hard-sided cases to protect your club. With the ship sticks, you can easily deliver your clubs within a box. One thing you should do is to pack them safely.

Want More Information On Shipping Golf Clubs?

We will make your golf travel very convenient and easy. You can easily schedule your golf club shipment at ship sticks. So, read all the required information about ship sticks and book your next shipment right now.

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