Planning Your Golf Vacation: Rent Clubs Or Ship Your Own in 2022?

Are you thinking about golf vacations and not sure about whether you rent clubs when you reached or ship your clubs?? Well, we can tell you various reasons why should you choose the ship sticks to ship your clubs. The thing is ship stick will reduce the user’s difficulty. It will save your time and money and make sure that you don’t have any problem with shipping your golf clubs. You just need to follow a simple process so that you can have more time for the course.


Here is Guide to Planning Your Golf Vacation

We know that golfers always spend and think for a large amount of time about the trip. It does not matter what is the location whether it is Myrtle beach or a trip at the pond. What is the exact position where you play? The time duration of the stay? You will stay in the golf spot or any other hotel? The shuttle is available or you will need a car? Along with these many other important questions arise in the mind of the golfer when it comes to trip. However, the most important thing is whether you should ship your clubs or rent them at the location of your trip.

Both of these approaches either renting or shipping have some drawbacks. Like in the case of renting, the charges might be high, especially when you are taking more than one course. Some golfers also have a problem in moving the swing with the rental clubs. Moreover, there is no surety that sticks will be available at the time of your tee. When it comes to shipping the clubs, the airlines are going to ask for the high fees. Airlines always improve baggage fees. You are spending your time on the baggage claim that you should spend on enjoying the course.

Well, the solution to this problem exists. If you want to play with your sticks and don’t want to face the hassle of shipping the sticks with the airlines then you can always ship them using the ship sticks. By using this service, you can ship your sticks anywhere, wherever you are staying on your trip.

When You Should Consider Shipping Golf Clubs

If you ask any pro golfer they will surely tell you that they always prefer to play with their own sticks rather than taking sticks on rent. Given below are some reason that why should you use ship sticks for shipping the sticks

Your clubs are custom fitted: if the stick is tailored for grip, height, swing speed you must want them to be in your hand at your golf trip. Most of the rental clubs are not present in custom sizes and because of this, you will have a bad round of golf. We know that you don’t want it to happen.

There are no clubs to rent: You should always make sure before leaving for a course without your bag that whether the specific course offers rental or not. This is because many courses do not offer rentals. The problem becomes more prominent when you are left-handed because the clubs for left-handed are not available most of the time.

You’re on a strict budget: you can ship your own clubs, enjoy the course with them and at the same time, you can save your money. Sometimes, renting the clubs costs more as compared to shipping your own personal clubs. Usually, the rental fees of clubs exceed the $100 for almost 18 holes.

Shipping Your Golf Clubs With Ship Sticks

When you need to ship your clubs, you must try it using the ship sticks. As the ship stick provides the most problem-free services. They make sure the clubs arrive at the destination on time. On-time is a guarantee with the ship stick services. Another great thing is you can track your clubs.

For shipping, you stick using the ship stick follow these given below steps

  • Schedule your shipment: first, choose the pickup and destination locations, also provide the required contact details. After that, select the size of your bag, date and service level to place the order. You can easily complete this process within a few minutes by just visiting the website
  • Print your shipping label: after placing an order, a confirmation email will be forwarded to you with the tracking number and barcode. Print this label and follow the guidelines given to label and pack your clubs.
  • Prepare for Pickup or Drop-off: when you are setting your shipment, you can either choose the destination location at the local carrier store or the location of your own choice.
  • Your Clubs Arrive: Ship sticks keep a check of the parcel and they notify the user when the parcel is delivered to make the user satisfied.

When You Might Want To Rent Golf Clubs

However, if you are thinking to rent clubs on your golf trip then have a look at these things

You aren’t attached to your clubs: you might enjoy playing golf, but you don’t take it very seriously. You are just playing golf to spend some good time with your friends and not taking the play very serious.

It’s a golf-specific trip: Your trip is not just about golf. You are just playing golf along with other activities.

You don’t have any clubs: You don’t have your personal clubs. So, the only option you have is a rental.

Ship sticks make your travel easy and comfortable. Moreover, it does not cost very high. When you are thinking and planning your next golf club contact the ship sticks and enjoy your trip.

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