Top 10 Best Golf Swing Tips - Beginner Must Read Guide

Top 10 Best Golf Swing Tips – Beginner Must Read Guide 2022

Well, I understand that you are curious to get tips instantly and be the pro golfer as soon as possible. Look things take time to happen so is the case with a golfer. You will have to go through the process of practicing golf regularly and following simple tips from pros or from different websites online. So we at GolferArena try our best to guide our users as much as possible. Here are some tips which we gather for our users.

Top 10 Best Golf Swing Tips - Beginner Must Read Guide

10 Best Golf Swing Tips to Follow to be a Pro Golfer

Follow the tips below and be the best at your Golf Game.

1. Keep Your Hands Low

By restricting the height of the follow-through you can indirectly restrict the height of the shot. The lower your hands are, the lower the ball flight. You can also do it, by choosing the stronger club, changing your position, and making the swing easy. However, these are difficult to perform and are not much reliable.

2. Give Your Spine The Forearm

Before hitting, check that you must be the point that is top of the swing to make a solid hit and improved accuracy. To do this, your forearm should be parallel to the spine, arms and elbows should form a tight triangle and left wrist should be flat. These things will move your shoulder into the backswing perfectly.

3. Use Your Body For Power

As a golfer, you must know the power comes from the body and not from the arm. You should know how to power the club with your body instead of the hands and arms. Keep the club behind the ball in such a way that your body is at the dead-stop position. Try to move put the ball in the air without making a backswing. If you used to handle the club with hands, then you will face some difficulty at the start. However, once you start learning how to move a club with the body you will put the ball in the air more consistently.

4. Hinge For Power

Beginners usually face problems in hitting due to two reasons. First, the takeaway is too low at the ground, which makes a delay in resting the wrists until too late in the backswing. Secondly, the source of the power should be body as the arms swing too far in the backswing. It will ultimately reverse your direction. These things can cause loss of control and direction.

You can follow some steps to have perfect control over the length of swing to have good contact. There should be a 45-degree angle between the clubshaft and the left arm. This makes it swing with the wrist that is already at the halfway to the required 90 degrees. While takeaway, the hands should be close to the ground and the clubhead should move up fastly. Ultimately, the objective is to point the left thumb at the right shoulder ASAP. You will have a perfect hinge when your left arm is parallel to the ground while the club shaft is perpendicular to it. By doing so, the wrist will set early in the backswing, you will not have to swing your arms so far at the top. With this perfect swing, your position will not be reversed.

5. Give Your Slice The Elbow

You can have a great shot either by swing with elbow flying out like a John Daly or keeping it in like Sergio Garcia. However, according to my studies with flying right elbow position ball flight will fade. However, with folded right elbow causes its draw. If you always want to create a power-rich draw, then we think the right elbow is going to help you. Moreover, when you fly your right elbow it moves the right shoulder skyward, which usually results in very bad results during the downswing.

If you want to have a continuous success, then try to avoid the shoulder issues and correct the right elbow position at the top. The effective position to advancing a draw and for keeping slices at bay is present inside the seam running down the right side of your shirt. When you put your right elbow in this specific position, it enables the shoulder to turn level to spine, to make it comfortable to drop a club inside on downswing with complete control and power.

6. Solid Plane = No Slice

A slice can happen if an open face is present at the point of contact. Every golfer should try a path that comes a little bit from inside. Experiment with the box drill. Take the upper half of the golf box and make it stand on its side. Now, range the box parallel to the target line. Try to trench the path that makes the shaft to pass over the box. For slicers, set the box at the same line, a little forward of the golf ball. Never hit the box.

7. Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

You can use a thumbs down approach for stooping the clubface from closing early. As you can see in the image present on the right side, both thumbs of a person are heading downward. By using this type of position, you can slow down the closing of your clubface. Ultimately, you can avoid the shots of the bend towards the left. If we talk about the thumbs-up position, then the slicer needs to maintain it. it is basically a closing of the clubface.

8. No Flips

If your body is moving too far in front of the golf ball, then flipped can happen. Due to this, your club will fall behind radically mostly with an open face. Your hands will try to close the face at collision. However, it is not easy to do even for the pros. Basically, the clubhead races in front of the shaft and hits the ball either with a closed or open face, mostly on ascending arc. If we talk about baseball, if you reach far in the front, when you hit the ball it will move in right field until you flip the wrists. The same is the case with golf. You need to stay on the left side so that your ball will present behind the ball and prevent the flip.

Usual suspects

First enemy: Your body is not an incorrect posture and not balanced. Your body finds out this, so your hands try to compensate by getting the clubface squared at impact. Well, you must know by this act it usually causes flip or flick or the wrist.

Fixing The Flip

Set an impact bag, propel the clubhead into the bag and make a good posture of your body. Good posture means the arm and shaft should be straight in one straight vertical line and head at the back. At the same time, make sure your leading leg is braced and the hips turned a little open.

9. Chipping

Well, we all know the fact that golf is an outdoor activity. However, you can enhance your chipping technique by practicing it within your own living by using a broken golf shaft and wooden dowel. Hold the dowel and put it through the hole at the edge of the grip on a pitching wedge. Now, impel the dowel to almost 8-12 inches down at the end of the shaft. By doing so, 2-3 feet of the dowel will expand outside from the edge of the grip.

After that, practice your chipping movement, with the help of which you can make sure that your left wrist is stiff because the clubface passes through the impact zone. If your left wrist has gone wrong, you will sense the stick out of the dowel hit against the life side. Along with preventing the wrist breakdown, the dowel will help the golfer in maintaining a good hands-forward posture. This is mandatory for perfect contact.

The dowel also makes you move the hand forward and move the club in the direct target line.

When you experiment with these drills, you will realize the importance of other everyday items that can help you in enhancing your game. So, never get tired of afraid of experimenting, you are going to explore the new things.

10. Stay In Your K

Sometimes the pro golfers’ routine swings also become untracked, because of losing the flex in the back leg trying for distance. When you make your back leg rigid while making the backswing your body will lose the balance and it will become difficult for you to reflex the knee at the correct time for impact. If you are a good golfer but have a consistency problem, then you need to focus on special K. Given below is its working

K Pasa?

Basically, the special k is an angle that is created by the lower and upper leg at your back leg. The position that you maintain to the ball matter a lot in determining how good your special K is during the swing.

We suggest you develop a ready-to-move setup. For this position, you just need to bend forward from the hips and backward from the knees. If the back leg is bent properly then it will swing your arm and line up your joints, one above other. You can make a line from the edge of the spine to the spike of the elbow and also from the spike of the knee down to the ball joint of the foot.

Keeping The K

In order to maintain the swing level, this angle should be the same from the address to the impact. You can check it how it feels to maintain a special k by looking at the mirror when you make some practice swings. You can make a start with the image shown in the image on the left. Have a look it the mirror, to have a view and feel of the proper back leg flex for that posture. Now, move to the top and by holding this position look in the mirror whether you have maintained the angle by the back leg or not.

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