The Real Cost Of Checking Your Golf Bag

The Cost and Hassle of Shipping your Golf Bag in 2022

If you are a professional golfer who moves around a lot from one golf course to the other which is halfway across the world then you probably know the hassle that you have to go through every time you ship your travel golf bag through the carrier. Not only that but you also have to pay an extra cost to if you are carrying it with you on the flight and trust us we know how much the airlines cost you for the extra baggage.

The Real Cost Of Checking Your Golf Bag

The Real Cost Of Checking Your Golf Bag

If you wish to carry your bag with you on the flight and you are wondering how much it would cost you then you definitely need to check with the airlines that you have booked. If you are sending it via a parcel service they will have a list of rates for you as well. So before you make a decision, consider all your options because the cost isn’t cheap so you definitely want to save as many as possible.

The thing about air courier services and regular passenger airlines is that they often tend to dislocate your premium golf bags. Imagine having a really important match and you land at the airport only to find out that your baggage is missing. What would you? How would you handle the situation and what is going to happen with your game?

Well here is a representation of what can go wrong and the steps that you will have to take in order to get your golf bag back. Let us go ahead and look at them.

  1. You land at the airport to collect your baggage and end up with a missing golf bag.
  2. Where could the bag be? To find it out you will have to hit the customer service booth that you can find near you.
  3. They will help you make a couple of calls and there is a 95% chance that you will find out where your golf bag is at the moment which is probably going to be on another air flight going is the total opposite direction.
  4. What do you do now? Well, all you can do is hit the hotel and wait.
  5. If your golf bag doesn’t arrive in time for the game then you will have to work with the rentals but if it gets to the airport before time then you can definitely pick it up.

So it is very important that you make sure that your golf bag reaches your destination with you or maybe before you would do it as well. Go with a trusted airline or the air courier service to avoid the hassle and not end up with the worst day of your life.

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