Keep In Mind Before Buying A New Driver

7 Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying A New Driver – Tips

Origins Of The Driver

Drivers are present among us for very long. First, a hand-carved wooden stick was created in Scotland in 1400. It was also known as a golf club. These sticks are used to play games that are known to almost every one of us called golf. At the start, drivers were known as long noses. Currently, they are part of the family of clubs known as “woods”. These are created in such a way to make a long-distance shot off the tee to have a better result at the course.

Keep In Mind Before Buying A New Driver

With the passage of time golf technology has become approachable and affordable by almost everyone. The advancement in the golf industry and because of increasing competition among golf products (clubs and ball) manufacturers are producing the best golf products that we are using in courses. Old golf items have become outdated. With the help of modern technology today gold products are more accurate, fast, and light. Now, we don’t have to fill our bags with wood sticks, sharpen a knife, etc.

Modern Drivers

Currently, top drivers are made up of feather-light graphite shaft and titanium heads. Most of the woods consist of steelhead or composite. The driver is of woods designed in such a way that it is lightweight and provides ease while making a swing. At the same time, it should be good enough to provide a knock to the ball at a long distance. Mostly TaylorMade golf sport drivers are capable of doing such things.

Fairway woods consist of small clubheads and short shafts then drivers. They are not able to provide long-distance shots like a driver however they provide more accuracy. Hybrids lie in between the iron and fairway woods. Their center of gravity is headed towards the front of the head as compared to the fairway woods and drivers. Hybrids are suitable for different course situations. This is because they provide higher accuracy even if they are not good at long-distance shots.

Keep In Mind Before Buying A New Driver


Regular golfers always want to update their driver along with their swing improvements. Whatever your level of skills are you always need to have a golf driver that works perfectly for you in making a swing and keeping you on the plane. A pro golf player or pro shop attendant can help you in this regard by observing your swing and telling which component suits you best. If you want to try various clubs you can take them on rent or also borrow from your friends.

No matter what your skill level is, the club that suits you will improve your swing skills. There are no mandatory requirements that you must be a pro player. If you are so determined and play golf as much as you can then try the best equipment that you afford.


The largest driver head declared by the USGA weighs is approx. 460cc while the smaller one is 440cc or 420 cc. The largest head driver consists of large faces and the weight falls in the back part of the head. This design enhances the momentum and puts the ball in the air providing it more speed. Large head drivers also provide a large sweet spot as compared to small head clubs and therefore more suitable for beginners and less skillful people.

Small head drivers have less weight and they make the ball launch more consistent. Skilled players usually prefer to use small head drivers to have maneuverability.


Two types of club heads are available with drivers first is round club heads and the second is square club heads. We must say that you always choose a driver that makes you comfortable in making a swing. Round drivers are preferable for beginners as they are unwieldy and do not get caught to the ground before the impact. This thing ultimately improves your swing speed and also keeps you on your plane. As the swing speed increase, the distance shot will cover will also increase and it will go long way on the fairway. Ball speed is basically the initial velocity of the ball when it leaves the clubface. Experts think that the ideal speed of the ball should be 1 ½ of the swing speed. It will cover more distance comparatively. It will also help you in improving your swing. Sometimes it just takes a few minutes to understand which drivers suit you best.

Square club heads are not much famous among golfers because of the sound they create at the impact and poor aesthetic quality of the design. The only advantage of square club heads over the round head clubs is that they have large club faces that lower the error.


Well, it is a requirement of beauty and not of skills. If we talk about the traditional color, then black and dark wood come up. However, now manufacturers are creating in colors that provide a good contrast with the green grass. Some golfers also buy an additional crown that protects the driver’s head and makes it look attractive.


The loft is usually determined by the vertical axis of the angle of the clubface. A zero loft shows that the club’s face is perpendicular to the ground. In other words, the higher the loft is the more far ball will float in the air.


Shaft flexibility determines how much the shaft will bend at collision. Players having fast swing speed usually use stiffer shafts. On the other hand, slow-speed swing players use flexible shafts. Current shafts are longer and lighter in weight than older ones, you will have to find out yourself the right amount of flexibility. This is because even the stiffer shaft provides a longer drive.


With the help of adjustable drivers, you can make changes in the loft, lie, and much more. As the adjustable clubs make very small changes to you should know very well which one suits your own swing style so that you can buy adjustable drivers accordingly. Adjustable clubs are for small fine-tuning and not for major changes.


Drivers are used to shooting the ball at a long distance down the fairway. Modern drivers usually contain a head that is made up of titanium and a shaft with graphite for lightness and strength.

When you are about to buy a new driver for yourself then consider the following things like size, skill level, the shape of the clubface and clubhead, shaft, adjustability, color, flexibility, and loft. If you are so keen about golf and take is it very serious then club fitting is a very good option for you to choose the perfect driver for your swing. If you take guidance from a pro player or experienced golf shop attendant, then they will help by analyzing your swing and telling you which driver will help you to overcome your quirks.

The higher the spin is, the more backspin on the ball and ultimately the ball will float more in the air. The higher loft is preferably good for those players whose swing speed is 90mph or less. Lower lift is suggested for those who have high swing speeds and are more skillful. For example, the lower spin of 10 degrees makes the ball less backspin and more sidespin that provides more left to right and right to left maneuverability. Drivers have some adjustable options if you are new to the golf and your swing speed varies then an adjustable head is the best option for you.

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