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Top 5 Best Golf Drivers For Beginners 2023 – Getting Started

Golf is a sport that is all about overcoming the odds whether that be wind, water, sand traps or god knows what else. If you are planning on taking it on as a hobby or even as a professional golfer then all you need to focus on is getting that small 1.6-ounce ball into a hole, which you can’t even see, hundreds of yards away in the minimum number of shots. In such a case, you definitely need to start with the best gear that you can find.

Investing in a great driver is a wise choice for beginners as if they don’t they will end up playing catch with the rest of the golfers who would be doing much better than them. So if you are serious and you think you want to do it all right from the start then you definitely need to invest in the right driver to build that consistency and accuracy in your game from the start.

Best Golf Drivers for Beginners – Buyer’s Guide

Since we understand that beginners don’t really have an understanding of a golf driver thus it would become basically impossible for them to find the right one out of the hundreds that are available in the market. So today in this article we are going to talk about the best golf drivers for beginners that you can invest in. these drivers are highly advanced and have been tested by professionals as well who definitely have given their approval so let us go and tackle your driver problems.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Golf Driver

best golf drivers for beginners
Infographic: Best Golf Drivers for Beginners

Buying a golf driver isn’t something you can do in a jiffy. Every gold driver comes with its own set of features that make it special and suitable for a golfer. You don’t have to adjust your playing style and technique according to the golf driver instead you need a gold driver that suits your style. So, to figure out whether a golf driver is suitable for you or not, make sure to consider the following features;

Shaft Material

Many beginners are confused about the shaft that they want to go with. There are many options available in the market. Some are light some are heavier so you need to decide which one would suit your playing style the most. Do you want to go with trajectory or distance? How do you hold the shaft? What do you expect from it? Answering all these questions will help you find the right shaft. If not sure then go with graphite as it offers more flexible flex options.

Center of Gravity

Center of Gravity or CG as known by many golfers decides the type of launch that you will have. So instead of going with the driver with the CG located at the front, go for the driver with the CG located at the back as it will promote a much higher launch and a faster closure rate which will definitely reduce the chances of the slice.


A moment of Inertia or MOI is something that decides the amount of forgiveness that a driver has to offer. It is actually the club’s resistance to movement and twisting which is why it is associated with forgiveness. So go with the driver that offers higher MOI as it will offer more forgiveness than a driver with a low MOI.

Size of Club Head

According to the USGA rules, the largest club head size that you can go with is 460cc and you should never go lower than that if you are serious about your game. A large clubhead offers a large sweet spot which is something that you need to hit straight and accurately so why compromise on that?


Many newbies don’t understand the concept of lofting as well. You won’t get an idea of it until you start playing. As a beginner, we would suggest that you go with the driver that offers adjustable lofts as you can easily choose the one that suits your shot the best. But you are getting a driver with a fixed loft then you can find them between 7 –to 13 degrees, we suggest you go with the higher loft option.

Here are Our Top 5 Best Golf Drivers For Beginners

In a Hurry? (Here is the Best Pick)

Most beginners don’t like to get into a reading session to enjoy a great driver. So if you are one of them then we would suggest that you go with the Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver. The level of forgiveness and the adjustability features that this driver offers are simply unmatchable by any of its competitors, which is what makes this driver special. It offers advanced technology, perfectly engineered design and maximum level of forgiveness which makes it a great option. Plus the adjustability features are what make it special. They can be a bit overwhelming but once you get a hang of them you can use them to the best of your advantage.

We would suggest you read the whole article, but if not then this driver is definitely one of the best choices. Add consistency to your drives with this driver. The features will definitely give you confidence on the tee so go for it and explore the golfing world to the fullest.

There are a variety of golf drivers available in the market by different brands, in different sizes and materials. Each comes with its own set of features which makes it unique but that doesn’t mean that all of them are best for you. Since doing research is something we all don’t really enjoy doing so we have saved you the trouble by compiling up a list of the best drivers that are available.

Check Out Our Top 5 Best Golf Drivers For Beginners 2022

1. TaylorMade Golf JetSpeed Men’s Driver



TaylorMade Golf JetSpeed

TaylorMade has been manufacturing some of the best golf drivers for years now which makes them highly experienced in the field of golf. Due to their experience and the past products that we have tested, we can assure you that they provide the best quality products at the right prices and the TaylorMade Golf JetSpeed Men’s Driver is no exception.

This technologically engineered driver is packed with a number of high-quality features that make it one of the best in the market, especially for beginners. The driver comes with a new speed pocket that ensures distance and speed especially when paired with the Low-and-forward CG. You can expect a driver with lower spin, faster ball speed, and longer distance with this amazing driver.

The shaft is long and lightweight which enhances the swing speed and gives you more control of your shot so that you can feel more comfortable and confident. The sliver face makes it easy for you to align the driver with the ball to get that accurate and straight long-distance hit. If you are a senior you can use this golf driver to give it a go.



  • Offers Extra Flex
  • High Loft Angle
  • Lightweight graphite shaft


  • The length of the shaft is a bit long

Final Verdict

TaylorMade Golf JetSpeed Men’s Driver is packed with all the right features that a golfer would need to improve his game and add the consistency that he wishes to achieve. The higher loft and the extra flex offered by the shaft is one of the best features along with the Low-and-forward CG and speed pocket. So investing in this driver would definitely be worth every penny.

2. Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver



Callaway Men's Big Bertha

Callaway has produced a number of highly advanced drivers but the Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver is a total beast. The level of forgiveness and the adjustability features that this driver offers are simply unmatchable by any of its competitors, which is what makes this driver special.

Bertha Alpha comes with the new RMOTO Technology that is a total game-changer. It adjusts the weights and the adjustability features of the driver in such a way which makes it the perfect choice for every golfer but especially the beginners. The driver is constructed with different materials that are used to offer lower CG and maximum level of forgiveness along with a new and hot face.

The shaft of the driver is lightweight and promotes longer distances and more speed. It also comes with 8 different lofting options which makes it highly adjustable and perfect for the beginners as you can easily choose the one that suits your needs the most.



  • Durably built and quality
  • Adjustable loft
  • Adjustable weights


  • Adjustments can be overwhelming

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a driver that offers you everything from forgiveness to adjustability then this amazing Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver is one of the best choices available. The RMOTO technology along with the OPTIFIT technology makes the driver simply unique in its own way. Enjoy forgiveness, style and customization options with this amazing driver at your disposal.

3. Cobra Men’s Fly Z Driver



Cobra Men's Fly Z

As a beginner, you must be looking for a driver that offers you maximum forgiveness and adjustability and that is exactly what the Cobra Men’s Fly Z Driver is designed for. The perfectly engineered head design with the premium shaft and lofting options make this driver one of the best ones in the market. Although it is not designed for beginners its features make it definitely worth mentioning.

The Cobra Men’s Fly Z Driver is engineered to promote speed and distance. The speed channel face with thin structured walls at the edges and a technologically designed crown zone promote faster ball speed and low deep CG. With the forged E9 zone face, the weight is also removed from the areas around the face to promote an increase in the size of the sweet spot so that even if you fail to hit the center, you still manage to reduce slice to the minimum.

The adjustable lofting options are a virtue of their own. With the beginners need to be able to adjust the loft according to his style, this driver offers exactly what you need. Plus you get a square face with the Smart Pad Technology irrespective of the loft angle that you choose.



  • Promotes Straight hits
  • Adjustable angles


  • A bit pricey

Final Verdict

The Cobra Men’s Fly Z Driver is simply one of those drivers in the market that offer the best features in the more affordable price range. The variety of features that the Cobra Men’s Fly Z Driver comes with are simply unquestionable especially the Smart Pad Technology and the Crown Zone Weighting Technology both of which promote many straight shots. It is definitely a great driver to invest in.

4. Adams XTD Ti Driver



Adams XTD Ti

The Adams XTD Ti Driver comes with the hottest golf face that you will see. Apart from the advanced technological features and the adjustability options that this driver offers to the beginners, the overall style and design of the golf driver is highly remarkable and appeals to a number of newbies.

The driver is constructed from the best performing materials in the market which makes it highly versatile and durable at the same time. The main feature of the driver is the Cut-Thru Slots that are combined with the progressive face thickness of the driver to promote maximum ball speed for both off-center and on-center shots.

The large head size offers an expanded sweet spot which reduces slice by offering maximum forgiveness. No matter where the ball hits your clubface, you will be able to get a better shot than a regular iron club. It comes with three loft options and an adjustable hosel so you can easily adjust it by dialing the right setup for your swing.



  • Large Head
  • Expanded sweet spot
  • The right value of money


  • Not so durable

Final Verdict

If you are a beginner who finds it hard to hit straight and never really understand where the ball hits the clubface then this driver is the best option for you. Even your mishits will look like clean shots with this amazing driver at your disposal. Plus with the multiple lofting options, you can easily adjust the shot according to your needs and get a higher trajectory.

5. Cleveland Golf Classic XL Driver



Cleveland Golf Classic

The Cleveland Classic XL is one of the most affordable drivers in the market that comes with some of the high-quality premium features that make it simply one of the best drivers as well. From forgiveness to multiple adjustability options, this amazing driver has it all so why not invest in it right away as it is much cheaper than all the other drivers as well.

The driver comes with the largest and the deepest face of the driver which means that it also offers are a larger and expanded sweet spot for you to hit more confidently in any direction. The thickness level of the face promotes incredibility fast speed and unmatchable forgiveness. The CG is also moved deeper into the clubhead so that you can enjoy a higher trajectory.

The Premium Miyazaki Shaft is lightweight and offers more control over your swing with added speed and mid to high trajectory. With all these elite features, it is one of the best drivers that you can invest in work on your grip, reduce the slice and add consistency to your game.



  • Adjustable shaft with multiple weights
  • Larger sweet spot
  • 12 levels of customization


  • Customizing can be overwhelming for beginners

Final Verdict

The Cleveland Classic XL driver comes with the best face as it covers more surface area on the head which promotes a larger sweet spot. This maximizes the forgiveness offered by the driver and ensures a reduction is a slice. Plus the overall built and design of the driver is quite appealing as well. But the best part if it is one of the best drivers at the most affordable rates.

Final Words

All the above-mentioned drivers are great in their own way. Each one is packed with them seriously amazing features that make it one of a kind. Since each one of you has your own set of qualities and challenges at your own progression pace thus you definitely need to make sure that you invest in the driver that suits your needs the most and satisfies them perfectly.

An ideal driver is the one that offers you the maximum forgiveness in the most affordable rates. Plus as a beginner, it would be better if you go with the driver that offers a high level of adjustability features so that it still remains a viable option once you move out of your beginner phase.

Read our guide on how to choose the best driver and compare the features with the reviewed products to find the best driver for your golfing needs. We hope that you find what you are looking for and start your journey of becoming a pro golfer with the best driver at your disposal.

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