Most Common Golf Injuries

The 5 Most Common Golf Injuries and Their Cures

Do you love playing golf? If you are an enthusiastic golf player, then it might be possible that you get one of these injuries at some point. Every golfer should know about these injuries, how to prevent them, and proper treatment. It is better to have a complete treatment at a time rather than getting serious problems later.

Most Common Golf Injuries

5 Most Common Golf Injuries And What To Do About Them

Back Pain

You are so focused to improve your swing skills, you spend hours bending with the club. By doing so, you are actually putting at your back when you swing, and this causes serious back pain. The most common type of pain is lower pain however we cannot ignore the stabbing pain, shooting, and pain between the shoulder blades.

In order to avoid back pain, you must know what the correct form and you should exercise the back muscles regularly. You can try some flexibility exercises like yoga to prevent back pain.

Given below are some treatments that you can opt based on the condition or seriousness of your back pain

  • Deep down tissue massage
  • Rest
  • See a chiropractor
  • Cold and hot packs
  • Take medicine that lower inflammation like ibuprofen
  • Steroid injection
  • Surgery

Rotator Cuff Injury

Sometimes regular golfers face the problem of rotator cuffs. Rotator cuffs are basically four energizing muscles present in both shoulders. Rotator cuff happens when the muscle swell and the space between the shoulder bones and arms compressed. A different type of injury happens when the muscle or tendon is broken. Both these types of injuries cause serious back pain and also affect your game routine.

To prevent rotator cuff injury, you should practice the correct form. You must also do some regular stretching and strength training to the muscles of the back, abs, and shoulders, etc.

If you are facing the rotator cuff injury then Heidi Jannenga of WebPT suggests a RICE method that is: rest, compression, ice, and elevation. These exercises will strengthen your back and shoulder muscles.

Tennis Elbow and Golf Elbow

if you are interested in any supports then you must know about tendinitis in the elbow. “Tennis elbow” is basically an infuriation and swelling of the outer tendon. On the other hand, “golf elbow” is infuriation and swelling of the inner tendon. We must tell you that tennis elbow is more common among golfers as compare to the golf elbow. However, still, it causes very serious pain.

To prevent both of these sorts, you need to make sure that you are using the right swing techniques during the practice. Tendinitis happens to the player due to the excessive use of the tendons so make sure you are rotating your practice regimen so that arms and elbows have the necessary rest.

Well, dealing with tendinitis is quite simple and easy. You will either have to put your clubs aside or you need to grit your teeth and let your body heal. The ultimate objective is to lower the swelling and infuriation, energizing the tendons and muscles while ensuring the correct swing techniques.

Knee Pain and Damage

At the start of the swing, you are actually arousing the rotation of the hip axis that at the end can cause much strain and stress to the weak knee. Different types of knee injuries can happen with different seriousness. We all know that knee injury also depends on the age of the person. If you have even doubt that you are having the knee injury, then you should immediately move to the doctor.

To avoid knee pain, keep in mind that you should stretch your things, calves, hamstrings, and core before you go for around. Always wear good quality shoes with arch support. You can also make use of brace if you have twinges or weakness.

If you are facing the knee pain, then you should go to your doctor so that they can check the problem and suggest a proper remedy for it. if you ignore this pain, at the end you will have some severe damages that will affect your game.

Tendinitis in the Wrists

Just like the elbow tendons, the tendons in the wrist can also become exhausted and inflamed because of which you will not be able to hold your club properly.

To avoid such conditions, you can use the off-season to energizing your forearms and wrist.

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