What Is Loft In Golf Clubs

What is Loft in Golf Clubs?

The sport of golf is such that even a slight mistake or your ignorance can drag you down to the lowest position on the golf scoreboard.

To be a pro golfer you must have a thorough understanding of both theoretical and practical concepts.

So, today we will discuss one such extremely crucial concept—’the loft in golf.

Loft Meaning

The loft of a golf club is defined as the angle which the shaft makes with the clubhead. In other words, the angle

Golf Wedges Loft

which the clubhead makes relative to the vertical plane with respect to the shaft is defined as the loft.

Arranging in the decreasing order of angular-measurement wedges come first in the list of the golf clubs while the driver has the last place.

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Significance of the Loft

Did you ever wonder, why do the golf clubs have a loft? Why is the loft so important that the manufacturers need to mention 45°, 48°, 52°  62°, etc on the clubhead? Do you know the relationship which exists among the loft, flight, and distance?

The answer is that there exists an inverse relationship between the loft and the distance traveled by the ball.

Is this obscure???

Yeah! I know I am sounding scholarly. So, let’s keep it simple, “the broader the loft is, the shorter the distance the ball will travel; the narrower the loft is, the farther the ball will go.”

On the other hand, the relationship

between the loft and flight is directly proportional, meaning, “the more the loft is, the higher the ball will rise in the air; the less the loft is, the nearer the ball remains to the ground.”

I hope that now you can figure out why the driver has the least loft because you want to use them to get the maximum distance. In contrast to this, the lob wedge has the maximum loft because you’re going to use them to find an escape from the sand or bunker.

What is High Loft, Low Loft, and Dynamic Loft in Golf?

Let’s Explore what is high, low, and dynamic loft in golf clubs.

High loft in Golf

High loft refers to the loft angle which is closer to the horizontal plane. In other words, when the angle between the clubhead and the shaft is high it is called high loft. High loft clubs are used to gain height and to keep the ball within the green.

Low Loft in Golf

Low loft means a smaller loft angle. In this situation, the clubhead will be closer to the hosel of the clubhead. Woods and hybrids come under the category of the low loft golf clubs. Low loft clubs give you the maximum distance and keep the ball nearer to the ground.

Dynamic Loft

Dynamic Loft In Golf Clubs

The Dynamic loft measures how much was the magnitude of loft on the clubface at the time of striking the ball. It is measured from the center point of contact between the ball and the clubface relative to the horizon.

Maintaining the proper balance of dynamic loft is essential to gain the desired height and distance. Too much of the dynamic loft elevates the ball too high, reducing the distance. Conversely, too little of the dynamic loft leads to a very low trajectory.

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Loft in Different Golf Clubs


Woods are the golf clubs having the least loft. Woods are further divided into two types:


The drivers have the least loft. The loft in 1-wood is about 9 degrees to 14 degrees. Balancing a shot with a driver is not an easy task for an amateur golfer, therefore, he tends to keep a distance from the driver and use the fairway wood instead, to have proper control over the shot. Fairway woods also provide them with the maximum distance.

Fairway Wood

Fairway woods are the woods from numbers 3 to 9. The loft in 3-wood ranges from 15 to 18 degrees, 5-wood’s loft can be 20 to 22 degrees, while 7-wood and 9-wood might have their lofts up to 24 degrees.


Hybrids are the combination of both wood and iron to combine the benefit of both. Hybrids are liked by amateur golfers because they are easy to strike and drive the ball too long distances. When it comes to loft hybrids have different lofts starting from 14 degrees loft in hybrids can go up to 28 degrees.


Irons are the golf clubs with a sleek head, shorter shaft, and more loft than both woods and hybrids. You can hit a shot about 200 meters using irons. A set of irons consists of 3-iron to 9-iron.

The range of loft in irons starts from 20 degrees and extends up to 40 degrees. 1-iron, 2-iron, and 3-iron have known as long irons because they have a long shaft but this also means that their loft is quite less about 20 to 25 degrees, 4-iron, 5-iron, and 6-irons have to loft 25 to 30  degrees. 7,8 and 9 irons are called short irons because of their short shaft. 7-iron is about 35 degrees and 8-iron and 9-iron can go up to 40-41 degrees.


Wedges are the golf clubs having the heaviest clubhead, the briefest shaft, and the broadest loft.

The loft of wedges ranges from 47 degrees to 64 degrees. The pitching wedge has the least loft among wedges about 45 to 47 degrees. The gap wedge has a loft between 48 to 52 degrees, sand wedge’s degree is about 54 to 58 degrees and the lob wedge is the golf club with the highest degrees loft ranging from 60 to 64 degrees.

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Golf Club Distance Loft  Use
Wood 250-200 yards 15° approx To hit a long-distance shot
Hybrid 150-200 yards 15° to 20°  To hit long-distance shots with ease
Iron 150-200 yards 20° to 40° To hit mid-range shot along with hight
Wedge 40 to 125 yards 45° to 64° To hit chip, pitch and bunker shots
Putter 2-3 yards 5° to 10° To roll the ball towards the hole

What Is Golf Club Loft? Explained in Video

FAQ’S: Loft in Golf Clubs

Which is the most common loft for a wedge?

The most common loft for a wedge is 56/60 or 54/58( Sand wedge/Lob wedge).

Should I go for 1-Wood loft or 3-Wood to get the maximum distance?

If you are an experienced golfer then go with 1-Wood which gives your shots maximum power but if you are a beginner then go with 3-Wood this will provide you with more controlled and longer shots.

Why does the driver have a loft just 12-13 degrees when the ideal angle to launch a projectile farthest is 45 degrees?

This is because of the air friction and backspin of the ball that the ideal angle is reduced to 12-13 degrees instead of 45 degrees to understand in detail check out the following article published on the Forbes website.

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