Standard Length Of Golf Club

Standard Length of a Golf Club

Finally, you have stepped into the game of golf but still confused about the correct length that fits you. There are certain questions that may arise in your mind every now and then, like—

What is the Standard Length of a Golf Club driver?

What is the Standard Length of a Golf Club shaft?

What length of Golf Club iron is considered as normal?

What should be the Standard Length of a hybrid?

For your convenience, we have brought to you the answers to all these queries so that you can focus on your game and not on the club length.

This will also allow you to select the best length for your clubs that suits you.

Governing Body, Measurement and Rules

i) Governing Body

Usga golf clun length rules

The rules of the game in the United States of America are looked over by the United States Golf Association(USGA). USGA is a non-profit organization that looks over the rules of the game and conducts 12 other golf championships apart from the U.S. Open, U.S. Women’s Open.

ii) How to measure the Golf club length?

  • To measure the length of a golf club the measurement is taken from the tip of the grip to the point where the clubhead touches the ground. As it is mentioned on the official website of USGA:-
Usga Golf Club Length Rules
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The USGA Golf Club Length Rules

According to the USGA regulations a golfer has to abide himself by the following rules:

Usga Standard Golf Club Length Rules

  • The rule for the length of a Golf club is that the length of a Golf club should be at least 18 inches.
  • The maximum length of a golf club can be 48 inches except for putters.
  • No player is allowed to use a gold club more than 48 inches in length.

What is the Standard Length of A Golf Club

There is no ‘one size fits all’, in case of golf clubs. The length of golf clubs varies on the basis of club type as well as from brand to brand. Generally, the drivers are the longest and the wedges are the shortest club that you can keep in your bag.

The same type of club also varies in length on changing the brand like the Ping’s longest driver is 48 inches in length whereas the Taylormade’s is 48.03 inches. Let us quickly look at the standard length of different clubs based on brands.

What is the Standard Length of a Golf Club driver?

As I told you earlier that the drivers are the longest golf club. The Ping G400 Max has a length of 48 inches. But you would rarely see a 48 inches driver in championships. When Bubba Watson won the Masters in 2012, his driver was 45.5 inches in length.

Callaway’s longest driver is Callaway Epic Flash Driver is  48 inches long and the Taylormade M6 driver is 48.03 inches long. Nevertheless, the standard length for a steel shaft driver is 44 inches and a graphite shaft is 45 inches.

What should be the Standard Length of a hybrid?

The story is the same for hybrids as well that their length varies with the manufacturer. The length also varies with a number, for example, 3-hybrid is longer than 6-hybrid.

I found Ping’s website that their longest hybrid is Ping 410 which is 40.75 length and the shortest is 38.34 inches long. Callaway’s hybrid range is from 40.75 to 38.75 for men whereas from 39.25 to 37.75 for ladies. The standard length of hybrid for men is 39.5 inches and for ladies is 38 inches.

What length of Golf Club iron is considered as normal?

Irons are slightly shorter than hybrids. You will see a difference of three-by-four inches as you move from 3-iron to 9-iron. Ping’s irons range from 38.75 to 35.5 inches.

Callaway has its range starting from 36 to 39 inches. When it comes to Titleist irons their longest is the 3-iron which is 39 inches in length while the shortest is 35.75 for men and 35.5 for women. The standard length of men’s golf irons is 37.5 and women’s golf iron is 35.5 inches.

Length of Golf Wedge

Wedges are the shortest clubs in your bag. You won’t see many variations in the length of wedges. For wedges, variety comes mostly in their loft and bounce. Ping has a length of 35 to 35.5 inches. Callaway wedges come in a range of 35 to 35.25 inches. So, the standard length of wedges is as follows:-

  1. Lob wedge: 35 inches
  2. Sand wedge: 35.25 inches
  3. Gap wedge: 35.5 inches
  4. Pitching wedge: 35.75 inches

Length of Golf Club Putter

The putter is the only golf club that has no legal restrictions on its length due to which you will see the maximum variations in the length in putters. The length of the putters varies from 32 to 52 inches.

Though putters do not have legal on length but selecting the putter of appropriate length is crucial to improve your game. The wrong selection of length not only deviate your ball but also might give you back pain.

In case you are facing such kind of problem then now is the time to opt for a longer putter. Generally, most retail shops keep 35 or 36 inches long putter but the best thing is to go for a custom putter according to your measurements.

Golf Club Length Chart

Golf Club Standard Length
Driver 44-45 inches
Hybrid 39.5 inches
Iron 37.5 inches
Wedge 35 inches
Putter 35-36 inches


As we have seen that the length of the club varies from person to person and brand to brand therefore the best way to choose the perfect club is to go for custom fitting.

A professional fitter takes into consideration each and every factor which can affect the selection of equipment such as your measurements, posture, swing, and style.

After performing all the observations and calculations he recommends you the best club which suits you and which gives you results in a very short time.

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