Guide to Hit Better Iron Shots

How To Hit Better Iron Shots – Full Pro Guide

There is no feeling better than hitting a straight long-distance shot using your iron clubs. Well yes, many golfers out there are using golf drivers to get that consistency in their game but the truth is that if you can work your iron clubs you can bring all the clubs in your bag to use. But unfortunately, many of us find it quite hard to get our shots to fly higher and further away from the tee especially without the slice.

Guide to Hit Better Iron Shots

Guide to Hit Better Iron Shots

The main reason behind it is that most of us aren’t aware of the right tactics and the techniques to work the iron clubs. Thus we end up using our driver on the field most of the time to work on that accuracy. But today we have something different for you, some of the best tips by professionals that you can use to work with your irons clubs. So let us look at them in detail so that the next time you are on the golf course you can work on your shots.

Work on your balance

As a golfer, it is very important for you to work on your balance. If your weight isn’t balanced between your feet then you are probably going to end up with thin shots or mishits in most cases. Extra weight on the back foot with result in thin shots whereas extra weight on your front foot will get your chunks only. So balance your weight between your feet equally and move it from front to back feet as you hit your swing. Make sure to adjust your stance to avoid tripping or any kind of fluctuation in your balance.

Keep a Good Wrist Hinge 

In order to hit a great golf shot, you need to pinch the ball between the club and the ground. Your club should hit the ball first and then ground with the help of a descending blow and would be only possible off your hands are in front of the ball and not behind it. For that you will need to work on your wrist hinge otherwise it would be impossible to compress the ball. Master it and you will have much better iron club shots.

Keep Your Feet Still 

Keeping your feet firm helps you maintain your balance and that is very important. So if your feet are consistently sliding or moving then it would become impossible for you to hit a straight and accurate shot. So take your time and plant your feet firmly on the ground and only move your back feet after the impact, not before! Plus you shouldn’t be able to see the soles of your shoes because if you can then you are probably doing something wrong.

Get Your Right Palm to Face the Target at Impact 

If you are a right-handed golfer then your right palm should be facing the target at impact and if you are left-handed then the other way around. When your playing hand faces the target, you have an open clubface which will help you hit in the right direction whereas if your other hand is facing the impact you are going to end up with a pull so make sure that your playing hand faces the aiming point.

Final Words

These are just a few tips that will help you work on your iron club shots. So go ahead and keep these tips in mind when you go practicing. You will definitely notice a great difference in your hit, positive for sure but only if you do it right. So read carefully and apply the techniques because in golf even the small things matter.

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