best irons for 10 handicap

Top 5 Best Irons For 10 Handicap 2022 – Improve Your Game

Without any doubt, we would choose the handicap golf partner over anything and without a second thought. To be honest, we love the mid-handicap zone because, from a practical point of view, there is no golfer better than them. If you have ever seen the mid-handicapper playing, you would know what we mean because no one can ever play like them. When you see them playing, you can see the straight shots even with the fairway woods.

If you have ever paired up with the mid-handicapped golfer, you would have witnessed your putting improving, the chipping getting stronger, and the pars will be enhanced as well. It’s needless to say that these mid-handicapped players are earning a lot of rewards because of their capabilities. When you are playing in the greens, the holes are elongated and the shots need to be straight in order to covet the pairs. To ensure, the technological advancements have taken over the golf manufacturing and designing. We are saying this because today, the specialized irons and golf clubs are being designed for the handicap players as well.

But before we start on with the different types of golf irons for the mid-handicappers, let us tell you about the mid-handicap players. They are the ones that play between 7,8,10, 17, and 18. This set of skills allows them to make the 90-degree shot and break the 80-degree round. It is often said that mid-handicapped golfers play the game only to break the 90 and 80. Now that you are familiar with the idea of a mid-handicapped golfer, let us walk you through the different aspects of how different components can affect the game. Moreover, it will tell you to focus on the factors before finalizing the irons for your next golf course game. So, have a look!

best irons for 10 handicap
Infographic: Best Irons for 10 Handicap


When it comes to the shafts, there are two types of it available, one being the graphite shaft and the other is the steel shaft. Graphite shafts are usually used in hybrids and drivers. On the other hand, steel shafts are used when layers need higher weight proportions and when they want to enhance the feel of the iron.

When you are using the graphite shaft, you will be able to see that it covers the high level of distance and if you struggle with the low swing speed, it can be pretty helpful. So, people have been trying and improving their swing speeds with the graphite shafts. On the other hand, people use the steel shafts who want to feel the weight in their shots which regulating the flex.

  • X Flex – 6 iron swing speed 90 mph and carry 175 yards
  • Stiff (S) Flex – 6 iron swing 80-90 mph and carry 155 – 175 yards
  • Regular (R) Flex – 70-80 mph and 130 – 155 yards
  • A Flex – 60-70 mph and 100 – 130 yards
  • L Flex – Less than 60 mph and carry under 100 yards

Club Design 

When you are making a purchasing decision for the iron, you need to pay close attention to the head design of the club. There are generally two types of head designs inclusive of;

  • Muscle back – This type of club head designs are used by the 7,8, and 9 handicapped golfers
  • Cavity back – This type of club head designs are used by the golfers who are looking for high forgiveness

Wide Soles

If you use the wider sole of the club, the center of gravity will be lowered to a great extent. The low center of gravity calls for the higher weighting behind the ball and strengthens the shots. This factor will ensure that you are able to take care of the mishits and ensure the high trajectory of the shots. The wide sole has extra beef which is apt for hitting the ground with improved shots. Also, the wide soles create the perfect bounce off the ground.

Offset Hosels

The offset hosel is the design in which the head’s hosel is aligned at the front of the club head. The offset hosels play an essential role in lowering the center of gravity. The low center of gravity will lead to higher trajectory and a higher loft angle. Also, the golfers will be able to work on the height of the shots. If you have a little experience in buying the irons and golf clubs, you would know that if some iron has a higher forgiveness level, it is sure to have the offset hosels fitted in.

As you are clear about what to look for in the irons when choosing for the 10-handicap golfer, let’s have a look at the industry saturated products in the article below;

Here Are Our Top 5 Best Irons For 10 Handicap

In A Hurry? (Here is the Best Pick)

If you are in a hurry or simply not in the mood to read till the end of the article, your reading will stop right here. We are saying this because we have chosen out top iron and that is TaylorMade M4 which is for various reasons inclusive of;

  • Increased distance coverage
  • High launch of the shots
  • Crisp shot sound
  • High forgiveness
  • Power assurance

Check Out Our Top 5 Best Irons For 10 Handicap

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1. TaylorMade M4



TaylorMade M4

If you buy this iron, you are going to have an ultimate level of quality assured at a higher price as compared to the competitors. But this isn’t the moment to make a decision as we will tell you how this iron will provide the value for each penny. TaylorMade has started the “M range” when they first launched their famous M2 iron. With this iron, they are trying to fix the things that were labeled as “cons” on the M2.

If you want to ensure the ultimate performance level for the mid-handicapped golfer, this will be an apt fit. There are long irons that have been incorporated with the cavity back design (you are well-aware of its meaning now!) Also, there is a hollow club face which has been designed to achieve the aim of higher forgiveness level along with the higher distance coverage.

As compared to the M2 irons, the weight has been reduced with this iron to ensure the improvement in the swing speed. This is apt for the people who often find it difficult to swing the shots right. Also, the distance covered will be automatically increased. There is a RIBCOR technology in this iron. This technology is working on ensuring the flexibility in the iron and to the shots as well. Also, it transfers the energy and weight evenly on the iron. This feature is also helpful for people who need to create longer and straighter shots. The users will be able to work on the mis-hits (because we all make the mistakes!). The 36-degree undercut design is ensured to enhance the launch of the shots and spin the ball rightly. The fluted hosel is there as well to provide consistent shots.



  • Increased distance coverage
  • High launch of the shots
  • Crisp shot sound
  • High forgiveness
  • Power assurance


  • Expensive

Our Verdict 

If you ask us, we would go bankrupt for this iron because of the multitude of features that this iron has, we couldn’t find in any other golf club. And the best part is that we are declaring this iron as our top pick!

2. Callaway Golf Rogue X



Callaway Golf Rogue X

This iron for the 10-handicapped golfers is an apt fit because it not only ensures the lightweight but also works on straightening and longing the shots. With the multiple features, the loft angle has been increased as well with this Rogue set. These irons have been equipped with a wide sole which ensures the lowering of the center of gravity and creates the optimal distance for the shots.

This iron has been incorporated with the 360 face-cup technology to optimize and increase the speed of the balls. Moreover, the VFT plays an essential role in optimizing the ball speed. Also, the 36 designs induce the perimeter weighting which not only provides flexibility to the shots but also make them shallow enough to create an impact as soon as you take a hit.

The VFT technology is helpful in flexing the off-center shots and the distance covered will be enhanced as well. Instead of any other weighting, it has a tungsten weighting that provides the ultimate level of control to the players while lowering the center of gravity. The best and unique feature of this iron is the elastic urethane microsphere which works on dampening the shot’s vibrations. This damping leads to an overall good control over the speed of the shots. To meet the varying needs of the users, there is a wide range of configurations in the case of wedges, irons, shafts, and the flex as well.



  • Improved distance coverage
  • Lightweight
  • Faster swing speeds
  • Wide range of configurations to choose from
  • Great feel and sound


  • Expensive

Our Verdict 

If you can manage a little money without going bankrupt, we would always recommend this set of irons. This is because of the multitude of features, innovative technology, the elasticity, and the adherence to a good brand image.

3. Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set



Cleveland Golf Men's Launcher

This company name has coined its name after the provision of premium wedges that they designed for the handicappers exclusively. Other than the wedges, they have also designed the irons which are apt for the 10-handicap players to enhance the distance coverage to provide the extreme level of forgiveness. This iron set has the tendency to sweep you off your feet with the control over the shots. Moreover, the players are able to hit the longer shots with this iron set.

They are incorporated with the highest quality of drivers which have become the mortal reason for loving this iron set. If we talk about the sole, it has a perfect V-shape which provides perfect turf to the shots, solidifies the hits, and cater to the fat shots. The outlook is very professional as the longer irons have adopted a minimalistic and simple loo. The long irons have a large cavity in the back which works on expanding the sweet spot, which is directly proportional to the highest level of forgiveness.

On the other hand, the short irons are designed in a way to ensure control over the shots. The loft angles are high and strong which has proven to be helpful in increasing the distance coverage.



  • Perfect of hit toward the toe players
  • Reduction in the shot shapes
  • Reduction in the draws and fades
  • Straight shots
  • High launch angles
  • Gliding of the shots
  • Printed lofts


  • Matte finish
  • Absence of shaping of the ball flight

Our Verdict 

If you ask, we were looking forward to shaping the ball flight and when we couldn’t do that with this iron, we were discouraged. Other than that, there are no such significant disadvantages adhered to the set!

4. Callaway Steelhead XR Individual Iron



Callaway Steelhead XR

In the past few years, the trend of golf has been on the rises which have resulted in the utmost brands shaping their names and providing the best-ever irons. With that advancement, Callaway was launched and after manufacturing the golf irons for 20 years, they have come up with this revolutionary set of irons. In this set, the irons are equipped with the steel heads and the top-line has a middle ranged sized to provide space for making the errors. The off-set has been reduced and the long heads ensure the alignment of the shots to perfection.

If you talk about the overall look, some glitz and glamor have been added by making the surface shiny. As far as the hosel is concerned, this set has shot straight hollow hosel to provide ample features to the players. This hosel orientation is great if you want to improve the moment of inertia. It also reduces the center of gravity which optimizes the performance of the shots. This iron has been incorporated with the 360 face-cup technology to optimize and increase the speed of the balls.

In the case of the short iron, the feel and sound are pretty solid and with the bigger cavity, it’s a dream come true for the handicap golfers.



  • Face cup technology
  • Solid feel and sound
  • Bigger cavity
  • Top-line design
  • Shot straight hollow hosel
  • Increase in the ball speed


  • None

Our Verdict 

If you ask us, we were unable to find a single coin in this set. SO, if you want something perfect, this set might be your way to go!

5. Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge



Wilson Harmonized

If you want to know the show-stealer of this iron, we would name the blade style and highly polished finish the winners. With these features, the overall look of the iron has been enhanced to a great extent. Many handicap golfers demand the maximized spin, sole grinding, and the steel head construction as it helps them redefine their game. With this iron, the demands have been fulfilled and with the perfect grip, the overall feel of the iron has been enhanced.

When we talk about the material, the stainless steel has been used that positively impacts the performance and durability of the shots. The style is more on the classic side and when you have it, you are going to be the center of attention. In order to ensure the ultimate level of spin, the grooving has been strengthened.



  • Polished finish
  • Classic blade style
  • Stainless steel construction
  • High accuracy in the shots
  • Versatility in the shots
  • High forgiveness
  • Affordable


  • Small grip
  • Too lightweight wedge

Our Verdict 

In our opinion, this is a new entrant and with the wide range of features that it is offering, one needs to give it a try for sure!

The Bottom Line

Through this article, we have tried to help our readers. We have taken into account the needs of 10-handicapped golfers and devised the irons then. We hope that you were able to find the perfect iron for your next game!

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