best irons for 20 handicap

Best Irons For 20 Handicap in 2022


If you are interested in improving your game you need to have the right tools alongside. There are many people across the globe who are into golfing. It requires the selection of the right irons if you are to rock across the course.

Many players, particularly the ones who fall in the range of mid to high handicappers, tend to struggle with getting the distance and landing right.

So, you need clubs that are particularly crafted to improve your game. Thus, we have come up with the best 20 handicapper irons 2021 that will come in very handy in improving your game.

 In A Hurry? (Here are some of the best picks)

If you are in a hurry and just want to have an overview of some of the best picks, here they are:



TaylorMade Golf

taylormade golf m6

  • Bigger sweet spot
  • Smart design
  • Crisp sound



Callaway Golf

callaway golf 2018

  • Great value.
  • Higher forgiveness.
  • Variable thickness.



Wilson Staff D7

wilson staff d7

  • Fast and forgiving
  • Great for players
  • snap sound

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Here Are Our Top 8 Best Irons For 20 Handicap

Many mid-handicappers often look for the perimeter weighting as it helps them enhance the striking zone along with the offset hosel that helps them in straightening the ball flights.

There are many mid-handicappers who waste hours practicing that will revolutionize their scoreboards but in reality, the ball hit and shot drive must be the center of focus for them.

In this article, we have talked about some amazing golf irons that have been designed especially for the 20 handicaps.

Check Out Our Top 8 Best Irons For 20 Handicap

Here we have reviewed top irons for 20 handicaps one by one.

1. TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron Review: Best Irons For 20 Handicappers



golffer removebg preview

The paradigms of the games are changing at an exponential scale and people are trying to innovate their shots with the technology. If you want to incorporate technology in your games to bring innovation, with this iron set; those dreams have come true with the speed bridge technology.
The better sound and feel of your club come from the Speed Bridge technology that connects your topline with the back bar. It also helps in enhancing the rigidity of your iron. Moreover, the relocation of the center of gravity is done with a fluted hosel and a 360-degree undercut, giving you a bigger sweet spot as you eye your next hit.
As it is crafted for mid to high handicappers, the goal with M6 is to enhance the distance traveling of your ball. For that, you get a thinner face that can vary its thickness with the help of inverted cone technology.
Considering the face, lower center of gravity, better swing, and higher forgiveness, you can hit the ball a long way with minimal chances of a mishit. What else increases the ball speed at the impact is its redesigned speed pocket.
The face of Taylormade M6 is flexible and as you hit the ball, the spin increases the travel.
The lower end of your clubface is where most of the players end up mishitting and it is where you need speed protection at its best. Therefore, the spin of the face protects the shot and gives the highest ball speed protection at the lower end.



  • Correction of mishits with its smart design
  • Redesigned speed pockets help in increasing ball travel
  • Low center of gravity with a bigger sweet spot
  • Extremely forgiving in case you hit off-center
  • Extremely forgiving in case you hit off-center
  • Crisp sound and solid feel on th impact


  • Mishit corrections are not preferred by most of the low handicappers
  • A bit too pricey

Our Verdict 

Overall, the Taylormade M6 is a great pick for mid to high handicappers. If you can invest in clubs a bit, this is amongst the best models around. The higher forgiveness and better travel assure that you won’t end up far from the hole.

However, the professionals with lower handicaps may not like the corrections and adjustments the club makes upon the impact as it may interfere with their skill.

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2. Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s Rogue Review: Best Irons For Mid Handicap



callaway golf

For the golf players who come in the category of mid to high-range handicappers, it is important to choose an iron that can help them lift their game. The Callaway Rogue Irons come with many features that can assist you in improving your score.

There is a 360 face cup along with variable face thickness which is critical for higher travel speed. Also, there is a shallow and flexible rim on the face cup which flexes at the impact and the release gives you a greater travel distance.

What you’ll find most helpful with these irons is the MIM’d Internal Standing Wave. It gives you more control over the ball flight.

There is tungsten weighting which comes in handy for positioning the center of gravity in long irons. You can adjust it for each loft to assure that the ball goes exactly where intended.

A problem with thin irons that deliver faster speed is the significant vibration. Ultimately, it damages the sound and feel of the iron.

However, Callaway takes care of it with the help of microsphere technology, creating tiny air pockets in the urethane material. It slows down the vibration and gives you a better feel.



  • Great value for money
  • Longer irons as compared to other models in the market
  • Higher forgiveness
  • Tungsten is better than steel for controlling CG
  • 360-degree face cup with variable thickness


  • Despite the improvement, impact may still feel a touch harsh

Our Verdict 

The best thing about Callaway golf 2018 men rogue irons is the variation. You get different irons for all the different players. They are known for long carries and forgiveness. For individuals who are looking for golf irons for 20 handicappers, this is one of the most user-friendly irons in the market.

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3. Wilson Staff D7 Irons for 20 Handicappers: Most Forgiving Irons 2021



wilson staff d7 irons

People looking in the market for game improvement irons should consider having a look at the Wilson Staff D7 irons. This club has a clean topline and a matte finish, complemented by the clean and simple badging.

As a player, the sound and feel of the club certainly matter. You’ll get a crisp snap sound and a soft feel as you launch the ball in the air.

The performance primarily comes from the power holes of the club. There are three rows of these holes that are paired along with a thinner face which gives the ball an enhanced travel distance and trajectory.

When you increase the loft, it removes the power hole roles, taking many holes out of the game and giving you more distance control. Also, the RE-AKT technology is used in these irons which focuses on giving higher travel with better forgiveness.

A problem with the older irons from Wilson was their adjustability. Thanks to the modified hosel, the problem is taken care of and now you can adjust the clubface with ease.

Better aesthetics and higher forgiveness, paired with more power hole rows for larger distance travel, makes it one of the best irons for 20 handicappers.



  • Fast and forgiving
  • Great for players with slower swing as additional power holes provide more travel
  • Ideal club to add distance to your shots without compromising on trajectory
  • Gives out a crisp snap sound as you hit the bal


  • Back of the sole is visible behind the topline
  • Low spin may trouble stopping powe

Our Verdict 

Wilson D7 is certainly impressive when it comes to the play. If you are a beginner and are struggling to find the right mid to high handicapper club that gives you optimal travel without compromising much on the performance, the D7 irons certainly worth a try.

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4. TaylorMade Golf 2018 P790 Iron Review: Best Golf Irons Ever



taylormade golf

The P790 stands amongst the sets that come with SpeedForm technology. It gives you a hollow club head with a speed foam in it that helps in keeping the blade thin and strong. As the speed foam expands to fill the hollow cavity of the club, you get faster ball speed and better sound.

Another feature that makes it appropriate for mid to high handicappers it the tungsten weighing. It aids in adjusting the center of gravity of your iron and adds up to the forgiveness of your club.

With optimal positioning for greater performance, you end up having an extremely forgiving iron in the form of TaylorMade Golf 2018 P790.

Also, there is a cut-thru speed pocket. Along with it, you get a decent flexible sole and can enhance the travel distance on the impact. Even if you hit low on the clubface, you will have a decent travel distance.



  • Greater travel distance with SpeedFoam technology
  • Extremely thin face helps with better ball speed
  • Tungsten weighing for appropriate center of gravity
  • Gives you higher inerti


  • A little on higher end of prices.
  • Works best in the hands of professional players

Our Verdict 

TaylorMade P790 is among the forgiving irons that can help in enhancing the travel distance of your hit. In case you struggle with finding green, you can get much assistance from this club. However, it may take you a while to get the hack of this iron before you can launch your shots the way you like. 20 Handicap golfers love it.

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5. Cleveland 2018 Men’s Launcher CBX Review: Best Irons Set For 20 Handicap



cleveland 2018 men

There are many different features that make Cleveland launcher CBX Irons one of the best for 20 handicappers. The iron comes with a V shape sole that adjusts the angle perfectly as you go from long to short irons.

With former irons, you get a shallower angle and as you move towards the latter the angle becomes steeper. According to the company, their irons are made to give a maximum spin and help golfers in achieving consistent distance control.

For individuals who struggle with control, this feature can come in handy. The same tour zip grooves on each CBX iron give you a uniform approach and helps a lot in your play particularly from the rough.

The cup face technology has seen decent improvement and the new technology uses better materials to give you thinner iron. What else? The iron has a thorough hitting power throughout the face and not just the center.

Another improvement can be seen in terms of feel balance which does not only improve the feel and sound on each shot but also the distance. It helps in bringing the center of the gravity near the clubface and adds speed to the ball.



  • Shallow angle for long and steeper angle for short irons
  • Improved cup face technology for better results
  • Feel balancing gives you solid feel and crisp sound as you hit
  • Center of gravity adjusted to be near the center of the face for better impact
  • Delivers best value for mone


  • Larger sets available

Our Verdict

Coming at this price point, the Cleveland CBX Launcher Irons are perhaps the best in terms of value for money. With the premium dynamic gold shafts, feel balancing, and versatile play, the CBX Launcher is certainly worthy of your hands. They provide you great forgiveness while assuring that you don’t end up with an overly wide club.

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6. Honma TR20 P Irons



honma tr20 p

Honma is among the brands that are establishing themselves in the crowded market of golf irons. They have come up with some decent models and the TR20 P is one of the brilliant irons for 20 handicappers.

At the first glance, you will notice that the iron has a high end feel to it. The size is a little more than you may expect yet the design is compact from top to bottom. However, the two notable points are the thicket top line and wider sole. However, it is certainly acceptable.

The feel of this club is where it stands out from many irons that may rival it. You get a strong and fast feel on the impact as you hit the sweet spot.

As you move away from the spot, the feel changes to harsh and bordering. It may not be a pleasant sound and feel as you miss the center but the excellent feedback tells you exactly how you are striking the ball.

Honma TR20 P promises strong lofts for distance. It delivers on the promise by providing you a strong ball speed. However, the spin is a touch low for which you need to watch out but it improves the ball speed and gives you greater travel distance.

Golfers who are unable to generate appropriate spin or height need to watch out because improper spin or height can make the ball skip over the green.



  • Gives you a lavish feel and decent sound
  • Varying sound tells a lot about the impact and where you have hit the ball on club face
  • Ample forgiveness makes it great for mid to high handicap player


  • Launch and flight control can be toug

Final verdict

The Honma TR20 P irons can be very helpful for game improvement. It is suitable for players who look up to covering a lot of distance and want golf that gives them the right feedback in terms of sound and feel as they hit the ball. Just make sure that you try these irons from a qualified fitter before you make the investment. It is said to be one of the best irons for mid to high handicappers.

7.Mizuno MP20 Golf Iron Set Series



mizuno mp20

Mizuno has come up with some astonishing iron sets and MP20 is no exception. It is great for mid to high handicappers as well as elite players because of its feel and performance.

The club features a slim top line and it seems as there is no offset. The chrome finishing gives you a classic appearance and the logo at the back simply enhances its looks way more.

The club is extremely soft when it comes to feeling and gives you satisfaction on each shot. It is where this club probably beats the rest of the irons in this list, for 20 handicappers.

There are instances when you miss a hit as you shoot and the club won’t sting your hands. However, you will surely feel a different impact which tells you that you missed the sweet spot.

MP20 iron set comes with a technology known as the flow tapered blade. It refers to the smart placement of the center of gravity which is low in long irons, giving you a chance to launch the ball easily.

In short irons, the center of gravity is high which makes it easy for you to control the ball. However, one notable point is the lack of forgiveness which makes it tough for individuals to handle who miss hitting sweet spots often on their swings.



  • Exceptional feel, probably the best in our list
  • Tapered flow makes it easy for you to control the ball
  • Distance and workability is more manageable
  • Compact build and catchy looks
  • Great for elite golfers and pro player


  • The blade is not very forgivin

Final Verdict

It is over all an amazing iron for 20 Handicappers.  It is definitely worth the money. Over the time MP20 has become a dark horse among various irons for mid to high handicappers, slowly rising to fame.  With flow tapered blade technology center of gravity comes really low helping a golfer to easily launch the ball. It is a must try.

8. Srixon Z785 Irons



srixon z785 irons

When you search for the best iron for 20 handicappers, the requirements of everyone vary. We do our best to address the requirements of everyone and in doing so we have come up with Srixon Z785 irons.

It is a brand preferred by many top strikers and can be a perfect starting point for you. The clubs look great and have a compact build with a two-tone look. The iron is mainly made of shiny chrome but a few parts come with a matte finish to enhance both appearance and performance.

As you swing, you get a good sound and feel from Srixon Z785. If you are amongst the players who like the feedback, you will get plenty through the hands. Hitting sweet spot, the feel and sound are exceptional.

Moreover, the feel is not the only thing likable as you hit the sweet spot. The travel distance is also great and you are likely to get a few extra yards. With its enhanced forgiveness, the hits off the center are not punishing.

Being a beginner, you may struggle with the workability but not with this iron. It is simple and gives you a lot of versatility. Ultimately, playing different shots with Srixon Z785 irons becomes fairly simple.

Overall, the Forged Construction, Tour VT Sole, Speed Groove, and Tour Cavity, all make it easy to channel your shots the way you like.



  • It is a great iron for long shots
  • Consistency in terms of distance and control
  • Soft feel and decent feedback on shots
  • Really likeable for the workabilit


  • Although the hits off center were not that punishing, the forgiveness could have been bette

Final verdict

Srixon Z785 is not a very forgiving iron and, therefore, is best to be used by individuals who stand between mid to high handicaps. Despite that, the high handicappers can make good use of its distance and feel. Moreover, if you are able to hit the center consistently, playing different shots with these clubs is super easy.

The Bottom Line 

There is a multitude of options when it comes to the golf irons but only a few of them pose the performance and quality. In this article, we have tried to round up the most famous and high-performance irons for the 20 handicappers. So, you can easily choose among any of the set and it will suit your preferences pretty well.

What are the best Irons for 20 handicappers?

As we are working with some of the best irons in the market, it is important to understand what puts them ahead of the competition. Whenever you are selecting an iron, there are many factors that you may wish to consider.

best irons for 20 handicap

Styles of irons

There are two primary styles of irons that include the cavity blade and muscle back. The former has a cavity, a hollow space, starting from the back of the clubhead. On the other hand, the muscles back are filled on both sides.

Being a mid to high handicapper, you should look towards the cavity back which has higher forgiveness because of the perimeter weighting. However, it may come at a compromise with the performance which is generally better for the muscle back irons.


The shaft is critical when it comes to feeling and impact. Many individuals generally associate it with the feel and sound. However, the role these two play when it comes to impact and ball speed cannot be overlooked.

For 20 handicappers who seek faster swing speed, graphite shafts come in very handy. They are lightweight and are appropriate for faster swings. However, balancing becomes tough with it. On the other hand, people who seek balance and can handle higher weights can opt for steel shafts. They offer higher control in the impact.


Most of the individuals consider the flex as a part of the shaft. It needs to suit your gameplay and you should select a shaft that has appropriate flexing.

Selecting a shaft that is too stiff leads to loss of travel distance as well as compromise on the ball flight. However, if it flexes too much, it will also balloon the ball which again leads to loss of travel.


Forgiveness is essential if you stand in the mid to high handicap range. Individuals who have a 20 handicapper means that they struggle when it comes to finding the sweet spot.

Therefore, you need an iron that has high forgiveness and can deal with your mishits without compromising much on the travel. Most of the best irons for 20 handicappers we listed here come with high forgiveness and can be very handy for players who struggle to find the center of the clubface.


Workability matters a lot when you are on the course. You cannot expect each shot to be from your favorite point. So, you have to manage with all the different clubs and make sure that you have irons that let you play from all across the course.

People who seek higher forgiveness generally end up compromising on the workability. On the other hand, irons with astonishing workability are tough to handle.

So, you need to find the place in between the two where you are comfortable and the performance is not compromised.

Formula To Calculate Your Handicaps

Conclusion: best irons for 20 handicappers

So, these were our picks for the best irons for 20 handicappers. The needs and requirements when it comes to iron vary from person to person. Therefore, the different clubs are here with varying features to address the needs of everyone. Did we miss out on any? Do let us know in the comments below.

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