What Is The Angle Of A Pitching Wedge In Golf

What is the Angle of a Pitching Wedge in Golf

Amongst the golf club wedges the most frequently used wedge is the ‘Pitching Wedge’. For most of amateur golfers, pitching would probably be the very first wedge that they try hands-on.

The pitching wedge has the minimum loft and the longest shaft among the wedges. Being the most common wedge, a pitching wedge always finds its place in the bag of almost every golfer.

No matter whether he is a pro or an amateur. The degrees of a pitching wedge vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and also from player to player depending upon personal choice and comfort.

Let’s have a look at the degrees of different angles of a pitching wedge.

Pitching Wedge Degrees

We will see the degrees of pitching wedge in terms of three important angles, these are— the loft and bounce.

Putting Wedge Loft Angle

A typical pitching wedge loft ranges from 45 to 50 degrees, which is the least of all the wedges but more than a 9-iron. Due to the narrower loft angle pitching wedge allows you to hit shots up to a reasonable distance but your shots won’t go high up in the air because of the same reason. The average loft of a pitching wedge is 45 degrees.

Pitching Wedge Bounce Angle

The bounce of a pitching wedge is quite low just between 2 to 5 degrees. Since a pitching wedge has a very low bounce it isn’t recommended to use a pitching wedge to hit bunker shots because it is really difficult to make proper contact of the clubface with the ball stuck in the sand. I have shared some good wedges for bunker shots in our article about the best golf wedges for Mid Handicapper.

Pitching Wedge Distance and Use

You can guess from the name itself that a pitching wedge is used to play pitch and chip shots. Pros can hit shots nearly 125m using a pitching wedge but if you are a novice golfer then you might fall short just up to 100m. The more you practice the more distance you can cover but 125m is the maximum limit of the distance covered by a pitching wedge.

Pitching Wedge Types

Pitching wedge in itself comes in various degrees. Distance covered by each wedge slightly varies from the other. However, 45 and 46 degrees wedges are very commonly used by most of golfers. Different Kinds of pitching wedges and their degrees and the distance covered are: Check our full post, explained  Golf Wedges Types and their uses

Pitching Wedge Degree Loft Maximum Distance Reach in meters approx.
45-degree pitching wedge 110-125
46-degree pitching wedge 100-110
47-degree pitching wedge 90-100
48-degree pitching wedge 85-90

Pitching Wedge Degrees: Based on Manufacturers

Pitching Wedge Manufacturer Degrees Loft
Callaway Pitching Wedge 43°-45°
Taylormade Pitching Wedge 43.5°
Cleveland Pitching Wedge 42°-50°
Ping Pitching Wedge i-400 45°
Titleist Pitching Wedge 44°-46°

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Is 52 degrees pitching wedge?

No, 52 degrees is either a gap or sand wedge but not pitching wedge

How many wedges do pros carry?

The majority of pros carry 4 wedges.

Which wedge should a high handicapper carry?

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