What They Are, How They Happen

The “Shanks” – What They Are, How They Happen And How To Get Rid Of Them

The shank?? Have you heard about it?? well, it is the most fearful mishit in the history of golf. You spend hours, months in building confidence to strike a ball and then what happens. You make a swing, your ball hits horizontally to your target and your game is collapsed.

What They Are, How They Happen

You just laugh and make another swing and get the same result. Now, this time you are worried. You are not able to make a perfect hit to save your life.

We must tell you the main cause is well known to us and we know how you can avoid it. so, if you face the problem of shanks, just visit this article and you will come to know how to deal with it.

What It Is:

Basically, the shank happens when the ball hits with the housel of the club.

The face of the club does not matter whether it is square, open or close. The ball will simply strike on the housel of the club and move in the right direction with no distance and height.

How It Happens:

If you want to make a contact with the ball present at the housel of the club, then the swing path must be far from the top and inside. if you are doing slicing of the ball a lot then you are reaching at the top.

If you hit the hook more, you will come from inside. In simple words, the shanks happen because of the path of the swing and they have nothing to do with the angle of your clubface.

How To Get Rid Of Them:

If you are frequently hitting the ball and about to hit the shank, then step back and let it get out of your mind. Do not get confused about it, just try to make some adjustments. You just have a bad hit, and everyone has those. However, if you are having it on a regular basis then you can try some drills that can help you.

First of all, locate a long cardboard box of 2 x 4. You can also use the golf club, but we know you don’t want to destroy it. Hold a basket of balls and go to the range. Now, lay down the cardboard box in such a way that it’s one side directly faces towards a target.

Take a ball and place it at almost half-inch away from the board at the side that is close to you. Make a hit to the ball at the same time you should try not to hit the wood. If you are coming to the top then you will not be able to do it. Hit as many balls as you need to but try not to hit the piece of wood that you placed.

Another solution is to stand a little away from your ball when you are setting your position. As you increase the distance, the chances that you will come to the top will become less and ultimately you will not come in contact with the housel.

One last thing, that you can try is the rotation of the face of the club in your backswing. Some golfers when making a shank takes the club back with the shut face. When you rotate it, it will force you to swing more your body and you will less likely to come at the top.

The important thing, that we can tell you is when you face the shanks you should never lose your confidence. In some cases, it is better to take a break from the game for a few couples of days. Focus on your putting, read some good golf books and keep your mind away from swing thinking for a little while.

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