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Best Sand Wedges in 2023 – The Right Wedge for Your Game!

There was a time when a limited number of people were indulging their time playing golf but today, the numbers are increasing. With this increase in the number of golfers, the percentage of competition is also rising at a spontaneous scale.

The main area where the golfers used to lack included the inability to work in the sand areas. In such time, it is essential to use the right sand wedge or the lob wedges to ensure you are out of the sand trap.

Getting out of the sand trap is important because it can affect the overall game and when you are playing, you never want to downscale your game performance.

When it comes to golfing, every player has some strengths and weaknesses but amidst all that, every player needs to improve the sand wedge skills as it upscales the whole image.

When we talk about the wedges, there are some advanced technologies being inculcated that are meant to enhance the game. One such advanced technology is groove-in-groove technology topped with the ability to increase surface roughness. These factors tend to enhance the overall feel and spin of the game.

In this article, we have some amazing sand wedges for the golfers but before we start talking about the multiple golf wedges, let us tell you what we focus upon while choosing the best wedges for our readers and potential golfers!

How to Choose the Best Sand Wedge for yourself in 2022:

best sand wedges
Infographic: Best Sand Wedges

Club Design 

When you are making a purchasing decision for the iron, you need to pay close attention to the head design of the club. There are generally two types of head designs inclusive of muscle back and cavity back.

The muscle back type of club head designs is used by the 7,8, and 9 handicapped golfers. On the other hand, cavity back type of club head designs are used by golfers who are looking for high forgiveness


When it comes to the shafts, there are two types of it available, one being the graphite shaft and the other is the steel shaft. Graphite shafts are usually used in hybrids and drivers.

On the other hand, steel shafts are used when layers need higher weight proportions and when they want to enhance the feel of the iron.

When you are using the graphite shaft, you will be able to see that it covers a high level of distance and if you struggle with the low swing speed, it can be pretty helpful.

So, people have been trying and improving their swing speeds with the graphite shafts. On the other hand, people use steel shafts who want to feel the weight in their shots which regulate the flex.


Steel irons or shafts are heavy in weight and tend to be stiffer as compared to graphite. The steel shafts also have lesser twisting and provide accuracy and control over the shots.

So, you need to choose the shafts or irons that have higher control value and the distance coverage needs to be maximum as well.


There are many golfers who suffer from inconsistent shots that tarnish their image in the golfing community. While we were looking for the sand wedges, we ensured to add only the wedges that have high consistency.

If you want to know what consistency is, it is the ability of the iron to predict the distance coverage by the irons.


Whenever someone is buying something, they are investing in it for a long time rather than buying the same thing after a few weeks or months.

While we were devising the top wedges for you, We made sure that every wedge is offering the ultimate level of durability and long life.

Here Are Our Top 5 Best Sand Wedge 2022

In A Hurry? (Here is the Best Pick)

If you find yourself in the hurry and cannot invest a few minutes to read till the end, we have added out top pick in this section. So our top pick is Cleveland Golf Men’s RTX-3 VMG Cavity Back Wedge for the following reasons;

  • Irons like trajectory infused with high forgiveness
  • Hollow construction
  • Easy ball hit
  • Deep and low center of gravity
  • Strengthened shots
  • Increased shot speed
  • Deep perimeter weighted
  • Feel balancing technology
  • Consistent grinds
  • Enhanced spin performance

Check Out Our Best Sand Wedge

1. Wilson Harmonized: Best Sand Wedges for High Handicappers



Best Sand Wedges in 2020

This company has coined its name in the golf manufacturing market and the reason for that lies in its amazing sets and irons. There are many players who started their golfing career with this set and they have up-scaled their game like the pros.

It is easy to say that this golf club set will provide you with the skills that you need. In this golf club set, there are 6-9 irons, hybrids, a pitching wedge, a driver, fairway wood, and a putter to make sure that golfers have everything that they need.

However, this wedge has a very small grip which really puts us off. But again, as it’s a sand wedge, it will be apt for taking you out of the sand trap.

All these pieces along with the accessories come packed in the stand bag which has an array of pockets to ensure you get to keep everything and roll it around on the golf course with you.

The build is of 460cc titanium to ensure quality and a large sweet spot. The sweet spot’s size is directly proportional to forgiveness and with this set’s large sweet spot, the forgiveness is higher. This ensures that golfers are able to hit the ball with extreme accuracy.



  • Apt for the intermediate and beginner golfers
  • High forgiveness
  • True temple steel shafts that ensure accurate shots and better control
  • Putter enhances the softer feel
  • Sole grinding
  • Aggressive grooves


  • Small grip
  • Too lightweight

Our Verdict

If you think that you will never have to deal with the gripping issues, this golf club set has no other drawbacks. However, it is very important to choose the right sand wedge because it can impact the overall game to a great level.

2. Cleveland Golf Men’s RTX-3 VMG Cavity Back Wedge



Cleveland Golf Men’s RTX-3

This set has been created for the gofers who need to play with the hybrids rather than opt for the irons. As per the statement passed by developers of this set, the trajectory of the shots will be like the iron whereas the forgiveness will be like the hybrids.

So, all in all, this iron is an amazing option to hit with. The construction is hollow and the sets have high forgiveness levels and are easy to hit with.

The hollow construction is optimal to ensure a deeper center of gravity and it will also be lowered. This set will control the shots and the distances as well. The hollow body will ensure that the stability in the shots is inculcated.

Moreover, the toe and heel hits will be enhanced well to ensure long and straight shots. This set has been incorporated with the feel balance technology which inserts the flexes in the shots which work on strengthening the shots and increasing the speed of the balls.

The strength is ensured through the inculcation of acoustics in the ribs. This set has been incorporated with the high forgiveness and when we talk about the head, its toe to heel stretched and weighting is deep and low.

The hollow construction of the irons is essential to create high MOI and consistent ball speeds have been ensured as well. These things enhance the accuracy of the shots. The face has a thin configuration to increase the perimeter weighting which adds to the flex of the shots.



  • Irons like trajectory infused with high forgiveness
  • Hollow construction
  • Easy ball hit
  • Deep and low center of gravity
  • Strengthened shots
  • Increased shot speed
  • Deep perimeter weighted
  • Feel balancing technology
  • Consistent grinds
  • Enhanced spin performance


  • None

Our Verdict

In our opinion, this is a great set to start with if you want to try the irons in the course. This is equally apt for beginners as well as professional players. When we tried this out, we were in love with the quality and performance!

3. Cleveland Golf 2018 Men’s CBX Wedge



Cleveland Golf 2018 Men's CBX

This wedge has a black crown and is made matte to accentuate the overall look which synced with the orange colors on the club. The best thing about this golf set is the adjustable driver which enables the golfers to vary the loft and face angle.

With this angle variation, the fade, draw, and neutral tendency will be apt for the diverse needs of the users. This wedge has been equipped with a fixed weight which reduces the center of gravity.

This low center of gravity will work on enhancing the launch of the shot and with the high forgiveness level, the shots will be amazing. The high forgiveness rate will enhance the ball flight plus, it enhances the line of the shots.

The other amazing feature of this wedge is an optimum performance which allows the golfers to steep or shallow the rails while in the sandy golf course. The golfers can create the bounce with the sole that sits aptly.

Putting it in a nutshell, the rails will provide the loft angle and the turf interactions will be enhanced as well. These factors are liked by the golfers as they are creating a positive impact on the digging, skulls, and the shanks.



  • Adjustable loft
  • Ensures the perfect fading or drawing of the shots
  • Consistent shots
  • Rail system
  • High forgiveness attributes
  • Optimal launch
  • Apt for the senior golfers as well


  • There are no tools for the loft variation or changing

Our Verdict

Even if the name of the brand is new in the market but with the quality that they are providing, there is nothing wrong that one can find. However, you might want to consider the absence of the ability to vary the loft angles if you are one of those players!

4. Cleveland Golf Men’s RTX-3 VMG (Mid Bounce) Wedge, Black Satin



Cleveland Golf Men's RTX-3

If we talk about this set of wedges introduced by Cleveland, it has been infused with the feel balancing technology which is apt to align the center the gravity with the center of the face club.

This has been ensured through the shortening of the hosel. Also, they have inculcated the miniature cavity in the wedge which ensures the saving of the weight.

These factors are helpful in reducing or dampening the vibrations as it tends to stabilize the head. Moreover, it also increases forgiveness and covers a higher distance.

If we talk about the design, this wedge has been infused with the V shape and it creates a positive impact on the turf interaction and the tour zip groove sharpens the wedge radius.

These factors tend to improve the control over the shots and it also helps in keeping the fliers at bay. If we talk about the looks, the name suggests the black satin finish, and it’s easy to say that we are in love with the finish. On the other hand, this wedge has a narrow hitting area along with two extra grooves that enhances the tight shots.

This wedge comes with the feel balancing technology and the short hosel is apt for the location and well-placement of the center of gravity.

These factors have been playing an active role in improving the mishits and inculcating consistency in the shots. Other than that, there is face milling which enhances the control over the shots.



  • V-shape for the better turf interaction
  • Aligned center of gravity
  • Miniature cavity
  • Dampens the vibrations
  • Higher control over the shots
  • Two extra grooves
  • Tight shots
  • Improvement in the mishits
  • Face milling


  • Narrow hitting area

Our Verdict

We loved this wedge but as soon as we come across the narrow hitting area, we were taken aback and it really put us off. If you can work your way around it, there is nothing else wrong with it!

5. Titleist Vokey Sm7: Best Sand Wedge For Bunkers



Titleist Vokey Sm7

This company is rather old but there out of the market for a long time. However, they came back to the battlefield with the SM7 wedge.

This wedge comes with a parallel face texture to ensure consistency in the grooves. The best feature of this wedge is that it has a grove design aligned with the loft angle.

If we talk about the center of gravity, it has been aligned with the impact position and there are multiple grind options (six to be precise!) In this wedge set, they have incorporated technological improvements.

Along with that, they have ensured the higher loft with the 56-62 degree and the grooves have not only been made shallow, but they are wide as well. On the other hand, this wedge is offering a better spin and the consistency is out of the world!



  • Optimal feel and control over the shots
  • The outlook is clean
  • Multiple grooves
  • Consistent shots
  • Better spin
  • Wide and shallow soles
  • Higher loft angles


  • None

Our Verdict

As the con section says, there is nothing wrong in this wedge set and we might be ordering tons of them because this is really a benchmark for the wedges!

The Bottom Line 

If you ask us, we have tried out best to add only the best sand wedges in this article. However, if some wedges have cons, there are natural. It doesn’t mean that we didn’t have anything in the store for you.

Before making a final call, don’t forget to make a list of preferences and then choose the right wedge for your next game in the golf course!

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