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Top 5 Best Golf Ball Retrievers for Putter 2023

Discover How to Choose the Best Golf Ball Retriever Like a Pro?

DON’T BEND TO PICK UP THE BALL ANYMORE! Use a retriever instead. If you ask me one thing that golfers hate the most irrespective of their skill levels. I would say all golfers hate to bend to pick up the ball. Bendig once or twice is not a big deal, but imagine, what would it be like when you do these sit-ups repeatedly for hours?

You might get back pain, right?

Naturally, its intensity would keep on increasing with each passing day. The longer you play without a retriever the severe the pain you could get. The simplest solution to this is to get a golf ball picker for yourself. Install it on the handle of the putter and you are home.

Choosing the Best Golf Ball Retriever for Putter is tough if you are new to golf you might find it complicated to decide which ball retriever to choose from the range of similar products.

The good thing is you’ll find a comprehensive Buying Guide right in this article that will tell you, “what to look for in a golf ball retriever?” Keeping the factors that can affect your buying decision would help you select a golf ball retriever like a pro and avoid those who are not worth your money.

Here, I’ve rounded up the Top 5 Best Golf Ball Retrievers on Amazon. Read them carefully and find the one that suits you the best.

In a hurry? Check out the winning products from the Quick Comparison Table Given Below and make a lightning-fast decision.

Quick Comparison Table

Product Category Product Amazon Rating Buying Link
Best Golf Ball Retriever Overall Callaway 6’ Pocket Golf Ball Retriever for Water 4.7/5 Check Price 
Best Golf Ball Retriever for Ponds I GOTCHA Golf Ball Retriever 4.5/5 Check Price
Best Golf Ball Retriever for Putter Nickel Putter Golf Ball Pick-Up



4.3/5 Check Price
Best Budget Golf Ball Retriever for Putter Maxfli Golf Ball Pick Up Retriever 4.3/5 Check Price
Best Golf Ball Scoop Retriever Prowithlin 12ft Golf Ball Retriever for Water 4.3/5 Check Price

What is a Golf Ball Retriever?

A golf ball retriever is equipment (other than golf clubs) used to either pick the ball from the ground without bending your back or to retrieve the golf ball from a variety of locations that are hard to reach otherwise, such as ponds, sand traps, and dense bushes.

Are Golf Ball Retrievers Worth it?

Golf balls are not cheap and you can’t afford to let your money sink in the pond. Having a  golf ball retriever will enable you to drop all those balls which you end up dropping in the pond.  As they have a long-collapsible telescopic shaft that can extend as much as 6m or longer. So it can go at great depth and you no more need a  diver to bring the balls from the pond bed.

Secondly, many players play in the golf course by paying hourly rent. When you lose a ball a lot of valuable time gets wasted in retrieving them. Golf ball retrievers can help you invest less time in retrieving the balls and more time in your game.

What to Look for in a Golf Retriever? | Buying Guide

Now as you know the function of a golf ball retriever, now the time is to understand what features you want to see in the retriever and why you need them. With that said, let’s look at the crucial features that can affect your buying decision.

best golf ball retriever for putter
Infographic: Best Golf Ball Retriever For Putter

Security of the Ball

The first thing that you want to consider is the security of the ball. Golf balls may damage the ball if it slips from the retriever while retrieving the ball.

Golf ball retrievers with scoop enclosures(a part of the retriever that picks the ball) are simple, economical, and ideal to use for short distances. But, using such a ball picker is not advisable if you want to retrieve the ball from long distances or deep ponds. Also, often you have to make multiple attempts to rescue the ball.

The more secure and effective closers are those with clasps. These enclosures are fitted with springs that make retrieving easy, more accurate, and safe. Their downside is that spring-fitted heads are costly than simpler counterparts.

Length of the Shaft

Before deciding on your shaft, think about what you are going to use the retriever for most of the time?

If primarily, you want to pick the ball from the ground to avoid bending or retrieve the ball from short distances then a short putter retriever will do the work for you.

Long shaft retrievers, on the other hand, work best for rescuing the ball from water and bushes.

Short retrievers can offer you better stability and sturdiness while long retrievers extend your reach.

Handle Grip

Next, an important feature of the retriever is its handgrip.

Some retrievers come with a grip of regular thickness while more advanced and expensive products use ergonomic custom fitting.

Also, look for retrievers that come with all seasons grip. Those that do not lose traction even in wet or humid weather. Moreover, the grip should be soft, comfortable, and flexible.

Shaft Stability

The stability of a golf retriever affects its performance. More sturdy retrievers provide better stability and perform more efficiently than less stable retrievers.

The stability of the shaft is directly related to its material and inversely related to its length. This means two things:

  1. I) Shorter retrievers are more stable than the longer retrievers.
  2. II) Thicker Shafts are more stable than thinner shafts.


Functionality is nothing but the ease of retrieving the golf balls. Some retrievers are so accurate and easy to use that you grasp the ball almost in every attempt you make. While the other group of retrievers requires multiple attempts before you successfully grasp the ball.

In general, clasp retrievers are more accurate and easy to use than scoop retrieves.

Materials Used

This point is linked with the former. Retrievers that are made of high-quality plastics or allow for enclosure and thick aluminum are better and costlier than the one that uses cheap materials.

In my opinion, it’s better to give preference to the quality rather than the price. However, you are totally independent to disagree with me.


The last factor that you want to look at is your budget. Make a list of the desired features that you want to look for in your retriever and finalize the budget. After that, evaluate the features and cost of different products. Finally, choose the one that offers you the most important features within your budget constraints.

What are the best golf ball retrievers?

As per our research and after reading hundreds of reviews we found the best golf ball retrievers are:

Here we reviewed the Top 5 Best Golf Ball Retrievers

1. Best Golf Ball Retriever Overall: Callaway 6’ Pocket Golf Ball Retriever for Water



callaway 6’ pocket

Whether it’s the grass, the sand, or the water hazard, Callaway’s 6 Pocket Golf Club is capable of retrieving the ball for all types of traps except the case when the ball is more than 6 feet away.

The high-quality aluminum alloy gives this golf ball picker excellent sturdiness and restricts the shaft from bending while retrieving the ball. The sturdiness also makes it durable enough to use in the long run.

Plus, the thoughtfully engineered stainless steel enclosure grabs the ball from the hardest-to-reach bushes, deep grass, and water hazards effectively and with utmost ease. As the retriever is not too long it maintains its shape and remains stable while the rescue operation.

In addition to this, the Ergonomic Sure handle grip helps you to hold the shaft comfortably.

I found just two drawbacks in this retriever. And, it is just 6 feet that makes it unsuitable for deep ponds and far-off grasses. Secondly, it is on the expensive side of the retrievers.

Overall, Callaway 6’ Pocket Golf retriever is the best golf ball retriever that you can find on Amazon. If you need a longer shaft go for its 15 feet version.



  • Sturdy
  • Quick and Effective
  • Great Stability
  • Collapsible
  • Simple Operation
  • Safe
  • Ergonomic Handle


  • The Length
  • Costly

2. Best Golf Ball Retriever for Ponds: I GOTCHA Ball Retriever



i gotcha ball

If length is the most important feature for you because you want to pick out the ball from the deepest lake beds and farthest grasses I GOTCHA Aluminium Golf Ball Retriever is the product for you.

The golf ball picker comes with a Spring Release-Ready Head that works on the principle of Spring-Trapping Action and Locking clip for retrieving the ball. The design of the head is great as reported by several users and it grabs the ball nicely. However, you need to invest a reasonable amount of time in learning how to use it.

It comes with a huge 18 feet Telescoping Aluminum Shaft is its highest USP that makes it possible to retrieve your balls from the hardest to reach. So you can rescue the ball even from the deepest lakes out there.

Plus, the shaft collapses down to just 21 inches to help you carry it easily by hiding it in the side pocket of the golf bag.

The material of the retriever is flimsy so you cannot expect to use it for years. On the other hand, the thinner material keeps it lightweight which makes it very easy to handle for short distances.

While the stability is great up the second-longest setting but when you stretch it up to its maximum length you may face the issues of stability and falling of the ball from the head while retrieving. This means that you may have to make multiple attempts for a successful rescue.

Final Words: if your main concern is the length then go for this retriever but it can be happy at 15 feet but want high durability and sturdiness then go with Callaway.



  • Telescoping
  • 18-foot reach
  • Compact
  • Good Design
  • Lightweight


  • Difficult to Use
  • Flimsy

3. Best Golf Ball Retriever for Putter: Nickel Putter Pick-Up



nickel putter

Nickel Putter Golf Ball Pick-Up has emerged as the Best Golf Ball Retriever for Putter as per our research.

The high-quality plastic construction and smooth functioning are the features behind its popularity among golfers.

As its clasps can grab the ball on the go it becomes really easy for you to pick the ball from the hole and as well as from the ground. This means that now you can say a ‘Clear No’ to bending and get rid of the back pain.

The connecting screw given at the back of the retriever has a proper size and supports hassle-free installation to almost all standard putters.

What amazed me the most is the trust that the brand has built in the eyes of its customers which is evident from a large number of reviews from repeat customers.

Unlike other clasp retrievers, it features a ‘switch concept’ which Is also better than most of the putter retrievers out there.  The switch also keeps size pretty compact and does not interfere when you play put shots.

Moreover, its performance does not get affected by the weather so you can use it in all seasons and all climates.

The downside of the product is its fragile switch which opens up the clasp frequently even when you don’t intend to do so. Lack of Durability and High Price.



  • Compact
  • Easy Picking
  • Fits Properly
  • Repeat Customers
  • All Weather
  • Functional


  • Overpriced
  • Fragile Switch
  • Lacks Durability

4. Best Budget Golf Ball Retriever for Putter: Maxfli Golf Ball Pick Up



maxfli golf ball

Maxfli Golf Ball Pick Up Retriever Grabber is made for those folks who want a functional golf ball picker on budget.

The 3-Prong Designed Enclosure picks up the ball from the grass and hole in a snap every time. This is has given Freedom from Back Pain to several users as I found in my research.

Since its prongs are wide it holds the ball firmly ensuring no falling off the ball, unlike most narrower pickers that face this problem. So, you can be sure of the safety of your golf ball.

The hard durable plastic used in the construction of the enclosure gives it sturdiness and increases the likeliness of using it in the long run.

The major problem with its retriever is its short screw that does not fix firmly to most of the putters. So you need to give additional support to it or replace it with a longer screw at your own expense. The second problem is its width which makes it difficult to fit in the golf bag.

All in all, if you are looking for a functional and sturdy retriever for a putter on budget and can make some adjustments yourself then Maxfli Golf Ball Retriever is a pretty good choice.



  • Durable Hard Plastic Construction
  • Very Compact
  • Safe
  • Surprisingly Efficient
  • Economical


  • Short Connecting Screw
  • Excessive Wide

5. Best Golf Ball Scoop Retriever: Prowithlin 12ft Retriever for Water



prowithlin 12ft retriever

Prowithlin is best to be called a scooper than a retriever. The product is made for those who want to scoop the ball from soft surfaces, shallow ponds, and shorter distances.

Automatic Locking and Golf Alignment Tool Scoop Cup Design was intended to scoop the ball in a snap but unfortunately, it doesn’t and you need to do a lot of practice to learn it. But once you have captured the ball then there will be no ball falling whatsoever thanks to its Auto Locking System.

Since it has a Telescopic Stainless Steel Shaft shaft you can use adjust its length as per your requirements and collapse it when not in use. This makes it quite handy and easy to carry in your golf ball.

When it comes to stability, it offers decent stability as far as the shaft is concerned. The flipside is its scoops are not durable and may get damaged after repeated use.

The handle grip of the picker is functional, comfortable, and good for all seasons. Thus you are less likely to face the problem of slipping the handle from the hands while retrieving the ball.

One major drawback of Prowithlin is it is only suitable to use as a scoop and not a retriever for the putter to pick the ball out of the holes.

To conclude, at its price it is a good product with some limitations.



  • Value for Money
  • Functional
  • Easy to Carry
  • Stable
  • No Ball Falling
  • Nice Grip


  • Short
  • Difficult to Use
  • Flimsy Scoop

FAQs (Best Golf Balls Retrievers)

What is a ball retriever used for in golf?

A golf ball retriever helps you to retrieve the ball from the water hazards, long grasses, sand traps, and any other place that is beyond your reach without a retriever. It also helps you to pick up the ball from the ground thus helps you to avoid bending and save yourself from back pain.

How long is a golf ball retriever?

The golf ball retrievers can fall anywhere between 4.5 m(14.7ft) to 5.4 m(18 ft). The longest retriever in the market is the ProActive Golf Ball Retriever that is as long as 5.4 m(18ft.).

Is a longer ball retriever better than a shorter retriever?

While it depends on your personal choice and uses, in my opinion, Long Retrievers are better than Short Retrievers considering the pros and cons of both. The reason behind this is they can extend your reach. If you play in a golf course that has many deep ponds, thick bushes, and sand traps that are difficult to reach, longer retrievers can be really handy and save you a lot of time and energy. Shorter retrievers are better for short distances and if you just want to pick the ball using a putter.

Does a ball retriever count as a club in your bag?

No, golf ball retriever doesn't count as a club. According to the Appendix II of the Rules of Golf, a golf club must contain a head and shaft. Golf ball retrievers do not meet these conditions. So, they are not considered clubs.


Finally, we have arrived at the end of this article. I hope at this point you have a clear name in your mind about the Best Golf Ball Retriever that suits your needs the best.

Our reviews and product categories are backed by detailed research about the products, desirable features, and actual performance of the products with the end-users. I have devoted hours and hours of work to read hundreds of reviews of customers about the products.

I have tried my best to suggest to you the best of the best products and authentic information. However, there is always room for improvement. So, if you find anything wrong, misinterpreted or incorrect do not hesitate to reach out to me. I will respond to you ASAP. With that said, I hope you enjoy the sport of Golf.

Thanks for reading! I hope this article will help you to find the best golf ball retrievers as per your requirement. Visit for more useful reviews.

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